Are Wenger’s comments a sign that he is nearing the end?

Arsene Wenger has been a busy boy in the last couple of days. In the lead up to tomorrow’s game against Manchester United, the Arsenal boss has made a number of uncharacteristic comments that suggest he might just be cracking under the pressure.

As has been mentioned in pretty much every Arsenal related article over the last week or so, the Gunners have not won a trophy since 2005. For this to come to an end next season, you would have thought that Wenger would want to keep hold of his best players, invest in some new ones and continue to get the backing of the supporters.

Well, if you think this is the case, you may be wrong because Wenger has put all three of these notions in doubt. He has done so in such a manner that I’m not convinced all is ok in the world of the Frenchman.
Anyway, let’s get on to what he said.

Speaking about Emmanuel Adebayor’s future, Wenger said that ‘all of the big clubs will want him this summer’ and that he wouldn’t hesitate in selling the striker to another member of the top four.

Carlos Ancleotti – who tried to sign Adebayor for AC Milan last summer – is favourite to take over at Chelsea and it is thought that he will try to get his man once again. Considering Wenger said you should ‘never say never’ because Arsenal have already sold a player to Chelsea – Ashley  ole – this shouldn’t be ruled out.

Next up on Wenger’s agenda was to speak about how much money Arsenal would spend this summer. Many have called for the Gunners to buy more players like Andrei Arshavin to assist in the quest for silverware.

However, the Arsenal boss has said that he will ‘manage within his own resources’ as he only believes only ‘one or two players’ need to be added in order for his team to be competitive in all competitions.

This is fair enough as he doesn’t want to put the club’s finances at risk. However, he was being very defensive with these comments about his transfer policy and will probably refuse to budge on it. No matter how long the team goes without a trophy.

The final subject on Wenger’s hit list was the Arsenal fans themselves. He said that the home crowd have been too quick to jump on the backs of players this season and created a ‘negative environment’ inside the Emirates.

The Frenchman praised the ‘fantastic’ away fans, but said that sections of the home crowd have created ‘negative vibes’ which have had an adverse affect on the confidence of some players.
Wenger finished by saying that this Arsenal team needs genuine ‘fans of the club’ to come to matches because this season, the coaching staff has had to work too hard on maintaining confidence and energy levels ‘against the odds’.

So, there you have it. Wenger has had his say on many things. A lot of these opinions could upset Arsenal fans, but it seems these comments were made with this in mind. That’s why I raise questions about Wenger’s way of thinking right now.

Will there be a relationship problem between Wenger and the fans if Manchester United run out comfortable winners on Saturday? This may not be the case with Wenger and Arsenal, but the moment a manager publically criticises the fans, it is normally the beginning of the end.

By Thomas Rooney

12 thoughts on “Are Wenger’s comments a sign that he is nearing the end?

  1. aged gooner

    How long have you followed the team ?

    It seems to me not very long.

    Nothing is given and the more you and other so-called supporters go on and on the more negative life becomes at Arsenal.

    No one is saying all is perfect and Wenger is always right no more than you and me but just back off and let Wenger reach his goals and allow the present squad to show you and the likes that 09/10 will be Arsenal’s season.

    How long did Fergie go before he landed further silverware, I think four years springs to mind.

    Ask any other English based club outside the top six or seven would they like to be qualifying for the Champions League and have a stadium and training facility that exists at Arsenal, would they like Wenger as their manager? ,would they like the youth policy and what is coming through, I think I know the answer no brainer.

    So tell all your whinging mates to grow up and get behind what has taken years to achieve and show some appreciation of his work in progress and lets see what tune you will all be playing next year when silver does appear.

    1. realisticgooner

      I think you rose tinted type fans need to take a reality check. we are being left behind by Utd Chelsea and liverpool because ‘le Boss’ is starting to make a few mistakes.
      1) he shouldve bought experience at the start of last season.
      2) he sticks with players that arnt good enough. 3) He’s blaming Fans for the poor displays at home.
      4) Selling the best players (JL, PV, TH, RP, SC, Edu, LD) and not replacing them.
      5) Only offering our older players 1 year contract and then giving that Manure Reject who is shit anyway a 2 year contract, Utd must be laughing there manc socks off.

      I could go on. but i wont.

      I think Arsene is Brilliant but he can be a stubborn Person at times, A bit like yourselves!

    1. Richard

      haha – guess how this writer signs:

      “By Thomas Rooney – A sports writer who blogs about football betting”

      You’re surely gambling against the odds son – put your money in an a safe – banks are not safe either!!

  2. MoW

    sorry mate, didn’t really understand your point. wenger was talking with shareholders wasn’t he? it was open questions? his comments seemed fair under the circumstance?

    smells to me like you’re trying to put some spin on them to make him look bad . it’s about bloody time there was some proper dialogue between the fans and the club and wenger’s passionate fighting talk is good stuff….

  3. kisekka

    Wenger is right what i know is that these young players need support to gain confidance.

    And, wenger has complained before that, fans have not given these young boys what they deserve.

    Critisizing the club or players cannot win any thing.
    Let us give the coach and the team support we shall win.

    In wenger we trust.

  4. raj

    Agree totally with wengers comments.Re us fans i’ve been home and away and the difference in the vocal support is amazing.At the emirates apart from a handful of games the atmosphere has been embarassing.He also said he’s likely to bring in a couple of experienced players and a complete overhaul is not needed,so whats wrong with that?

  5. Kipmonster

    The Silvestre ‘Geriatric’ comment was stupid. His age & experience should be what we need but just not Silvestre himself who is poor & was not the big physically strong defender needed. Fergie would not have sold Arsenal an asset. Remember he refused to sell Heinze to Liverpool 2 years ago.
    I am sick of Wenger criticising the fans ! I think Adebayor got off lightly & would have received far more hostility from fans of other clubs. Arsenal fans have a unique situation where they have no right to question the manger or criticise their own players but please of course keep handing over big wads of cash !

  6. Mike

    Guys admit the truth we are nowhere near being a top side and years behind Mancs, Chelsea and Livepool,. Have you forgotten results and the league table dont lie…………Buy some English payers or foreigners who have quality line Viera, Overmars, Henry. Admit the truth its time

  7. gunner1971oxon

    Ask yourself : can you wear your shirt with pride this summer home or abroad. Wore it yesterday to supermarket and many comments were made, ie you’re brave mate, and what is happening at Arsenal. Hurt like hell.
    Its a fact we are a laugh to the other big three right now. we simply have not got the skill in the squad. 4 quality players needed minimum. Adebayor is not a worthy gunner centre forward this season. Wouldnt mind betting he could be a superb player at another club tho. He knows the fans dont like him.

  8. Brave gooners

    People that are supporting Wenger are all looser like him, may be they are not geniuely arsenal fans. If you people doesn’t know what to say just bin your hands and back off.

    We use to be heavyweight club, Wenger and the managements had turn our belove club to featerweight not even lightweilght because of their selfish interest, what a shame. Let me ask those of you that are supporting Wenger ” when he was winning trophies for us, who are the players then?. Adam, Keon, sorry if am wrong of the spelling, Viera, Henry, Fredrick, Pires, Gilberto, Wiltord, to mentions but few, so after their departures what happen since then absolutely nothing.

    Spare a rod and spoil a child, lets tell him, he can’t be doing this to us, he is playing with our emotions all the time. He can’t been doing all these and go away with them, can you eat your cake and have it. Arsenal fc is bigger than one man opinion, please you loosers, should give the positive fans a break.

  9. Gooner

    Arsenal fans disgust me sometimes

    They whinge, moan and boo their own players, yet they refuse to sing and create an atmosphere at the Emirates – the 2nd biggest English Club stadium. Why don’t you channel all your negative thoughts about you not receiving your god given right to see Arsenal win everything, into singing and creating an atmosphere.

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