What is Platini thinking? Get him out!

Michel Platini, President of UEFA has admitted he was a little harsh in criticizing Arsene Wenger over Arsenal’s youth policy.

Platini, who seems to have a long term hatred of English clubs, especially Arsenal had told the press:

“I am talking about football, he is talking about business. Please stop with Wenger and the others. All that interests Arsene is looking after number one,”

Referring to the Cluj’s CL win over Roma he said:

“That is what makes football beautiful. That is what people like Wenger do not want to see, minor teams beating major ones, because they only want their business,”

Click here to read that article at Reuters.

He was implying that Wenger cares little about football, or the players he manages, just winning, and only big teams winning.

I see no reason for these type of comments, it’s outrageous that Wenger should be targeted like this.

Of course Wenger wants Arsenal to win, but he cares just as much about football as a whole. What is Platini on about. The best teams in football normally do win, thats how it always has been – but everyone loves a good giant-killing, and I’m sure Wenger does too.

From the beginning of his time as UEFA President Platini seems to have been out to target the Premiership and Arsenal in paticular.

Wenger responded diplomatically:

“I am a supporter of good management of clubs, for financial equilibrium, and UEFA must equally support this idea. I am fighting for the future of the game and of football.”

Now Platini has come back and said this:

“I have been too harsh with Arsene,”

“I got told off by my daddy, who made him (Wenger) start his career (at Nancy).

“But when I speak about business, I mean I do not like him seeking 13 or 14-year-old kids. I cannot stand it.

“My plan is to work with the football family to fight for the kids’ education in order that the Arsenal people do not come and pick 13-year-old Bordeaux kids for example.”

This guy doesn’t know what he’s on about.

Firstly – what’s up with the ‘Daddy’ comment? Why be so petulant?

Secondly – there’s nothing wrong with signing up talented young players and giving them a chance to fulfil their dreams, in a great environment.

Thirdly – Clubs like Chelski are much worse – pumping young players full of hype – paying exorbitant sums and then leaving them to rot. At least our rejects do good – e.g. Sidwell (until he went to Chelsea), Bentley (England International & di*khead), Pennant – Liverpool First team.

Fabregas is a product of this system – he joined Arsenal at 15. He was talking about the Sheffield Utd game and his comments seem very relevant to this issue:

“Arsene doesn’t care how old they are and it is amazing. He is the best for doing that and is not scared to play anyone. I don’t think anyone else would be able to do it. That is why so many of our young players are so good and this is the policy of the club. I think it is fantastic.

“When you see the big teams buy all the best players, we all guess where the future players will come from? I think Arsenal is the club that gives the chance to the players to show how good they are.

“Maybe they won’t make it at Arsenal, but another team will see them play and they will have another opportunity to play in The Premier League straight away instead of going to the second division.”

(Read full Fabregas article here)

This is my point exactly, Fabregas knows Wenger’s methods work and he knows that a player who comes through the Arsenal ranks has more chance than any of making it big a top level club!

I just don’t get Platini. He should not be UEFA President, and he shouldn’t be allowed to target Wenger in this way. Just because he has been so successful with young players, and has brought a lot of French talent out of France.

Get him out I say.

Click here to watch the highlights of Arsenal beating Sheffield Utd 6 – 0 in the Carling Cup, and see what Fabregas is talking about!

David Beckham at Arsenal? Ade gets the 1,000th

ArseSpeak, my first blog launches today with this first post!

So, a quick overview of the news from the 14th of November before I go to bed..

There are reports that David Beckham may train with Arsenal for the Christmas period to keep his fitness up as the MLS season has now finished. Arsenal are one of a number of clubs rumoured to be allowing Beckham to train with them, we shall see what happens.

After Monday night’s 3-1 win at Reading we are sitting nicely at the top of the table going into the international break. I didn’t see the whole game, due to annoying problems with my computer while I was streaming it. It looked like we were playing good football, Adebayor’s disallowed goal definitely was not offside. in any case he scored our 1, 000th Premiership goal, his first for 8 games which he admits was starting to worry him. Wenger says on http://www.arsenal.com the victory showed we had the patience to keep going while Reading shut up shop. A little disappointing to concede the goal at the end but top of the league with a game in hand; I’m not complaining!

Stupid comments by Coppell about limiting foreign players playing in the Premiership. These just keep on coming.. Mourinho has also targeted Arsenal about this with some totally unfounded claims about Wenger’s transfer policy. Platini has also been sticking his nose in recently (nice to see his proposal for more cup winners in the CL getting kicked off the park by UEFA the other day). These people need to understand that limiting foreign players won’t make English players play better it will only lower the standard of the league. Wenger points out that between 1966 and 1996 there weren’t many foreigners and our national team performed worse than it has done since 1996.

On the upside Kitson speaks nicely about Arsenal, saying that we play excellent football and deserve a reward for it. Its nice to hear some praise for a team playing brilliant football instead of all the crap about foreigners.

The Ferguson abuse saga continues..Wenger has spoken out, saying that he could make some dossier on the crap that he gets at Old Trafford. Really this is one of the most stupid cases I have heard of. There is abuse at every football match directed at players/ staff, and I’m sure that Man City give just as much to Fergie and Man Yoo as he got at Arsenal.

So probably a quiet few days till Wigan at home, on the 24th. Hopefully this pesky international break won’t disrupt the side too much and I will be praying for no more injuries like Van Persie’s.

That’s all people, thanks for reading, see you tomorrow

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