Arsenal 2-0 Reading Highlights And Walcott

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Yesterday we beat Reading very comfortably, 2-0 at the Grove. It was our first victory at home since the 11th of February, when we beat Blackburn 2-0.

Highlights here.

Arsenal 2-0
(HT 2-0)
Adebayor 30
Silva 38
Kitson 28
Bikey 58
Sonko 71

The match itself was the most one sided I have seen this season. Reading had few chances and didn’t play well going forward.

We should have scored several more than we did. Theo had a shot which hit the bar, and a Van Persie free kick richocehted off the underneath of the bar and out!

It was pretty frustatring in that respect, we completely out played Reading with some good passing moves, but we didn’t score more. I thought RVP played very well as did Fabregas who had a stormer in central midfield.

Meanwhile Man Utd almost lost at Blackburn, an 88th minute Tevez equaliser gained them a point. It jsut shows how close we would have been had we picked up a few more points.

Wenger said this here:

In this match we showed what quality we do have and that the team is strong.”

“We are still ambitious – we have 74 points and want to finish with 83 points which is a decent total. We want to finish off as close as we can to the winners of the league.”

“We showed pride and responded after the disappointment of last week. We have to bounce back because the strong always come back stronger.”

“We have a very young team with a great future.”

This is true and there’s not much more you can say really. We want to finish as high as possible and get 3 wins from our remaining 3 games!

Theo wants his chance upfront next season here.

Fabregas confirmed his future lies with Arsenal. Click Here.

Busy day ahead so just a quick one, got to go!!

Flamini Contract And Reading Preview

Reading, Saturday 19th April, 1245 KO. Ashburton Grove

I’ll be at this game. Click here for BBC preview.

Line Up


Toure Gallas Song Clichy

Walcott Gilberto Fabregas Hleb

Adebayor Van Persie

There’s a good chance Theo Walcott will get a start today, he has impressed going forward, and now that some of the pressure is lifted maybe Arsene will be thinking a bit more attack minded.

Song will probably start again, unless Wenger has a reshuffle and puts Toure at centre back and Eboue on the right. Senderos probably won’t be back. I think Le Boss wants Song to get some games under his belt to step up for next season. He performed well at the African Cup of Nations so it will be good to see how he does.

Of course Mad Jens is in there as well! Apart from that unchanged.

Coppell commented earlier in the week about changing the Reading line up after their defeat at Craven Cottage, which has been hyped up a lot. Reading have a poor away record, but in the Premiership everyone is good enough to beat anyone on their day, and Reading are scrapping at the bottom of the table. We still have to see this season out so a good performance and plenty of concentration will do fine for me!
We are still linked to loads of players, none of whom we will sign.

Also Wenger had this to say about Flamini’s contract situation:

“We are getting close to ‘yes’ or -no’”

He wants to stay and I believe him. But as long as he has not signed, he is free to sign where he wants. We have set ourselves a target at the end of April to finalise the situation, one way or the other.

“April is an absolute deadline because, afterwards, we have to make decisions in the transfer market. My first target is to keep the team together, but we want to continue to respect our wage structure. That is very important. Flamini has to fit in that.”

This is all good stuff, and I think there’s a good chance he might stay. I know thats what we need.

Here Wenger agress with my opinion that defensive errors have been our problem this season.

Arsene looks ahead to the Reading game:

“Now is a good opportunity for us to show mental strength and to finish as well as we can, as high as we can because second place is still possible.”

This is so true for us, we have to play for our pride and for second spot, if Avram and Chelski beat us to it I won’t be happy.

Anyway, I feel sick, so I’m off. Plus I have a game to get to!

Lehmann To Start Again?

Jens Lehmann will probably start against Reading on Saturday.

Reading Previews here and here.

The 38-year old, will get a chance due to Almunia’s wrist injury.

Almunia is going will for a fitness test this morning according to, but it is touch and go. Lehmann will most likely play again after being in goal against Man Utd as well.

“Maybe Manuel Almunia will be available, I don’t know. I will make a decision on Friday morning. He got injured in training on the Friday before Manchester. We sent him for a scan and there was an inflammation so he could not play.

“But Flamini is not back, Sagna is not back and Tomas Rosicky is out.”

If Lehmann does play it will probably be one of his last apperances for us, he’s on the way out, because he wants first team football, he hates Almunia playing ahead of him and he has caused such a fuss this year that I think Wenger has to offload him.

‘Mad Jens’ has had ups and downs for us, his early days at the club saw some calamitous mistakes, especially in clearances!

But he was in goal for the whole of the unbeaten season and has seen a lot of success with us. This year his moaning and slagging off of poor old Almunia has been pretty low, but that’s Lehmann, a crazy German really. He had the same sort of rivalry with Oliver Kahn when Kahn was Germany’s No.1. Wrighty7 weighs it all up here.

Anyway, elsewhere, yesterday Lauren said here that if we had a few of our more experienced players (like him?) then we would have won something this season.

“I felt I was still able to contribute to the team. When you have experienced the highs and lows we went through and when you have competed against Chelsea and Manchester United in the past, it helps you in difficult situations not to lose your head.”

Fair point, but that’s not the route we have taken. If we still played Lauren then we wouldn’t have discovered Bacary Sagna, and to be honest I think that the side can now mature together. It’s all very well criticising in hindsight, but I think Wenger has a great record of picking the right time to let players go.

Next year with more experience and a bit more steel I reckon we’ll be mounting a stronger challenge. Remember the sort of football we were playing before Christmas? Amazing stuff. If we can keep our heads down then it could be our year.

Ian Wright has left the BBC (Click here) because he felt like they were using him like a:

“comedy jester to break the ice with Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen “

Those guys are pretty awful sometimes, anyway, good on you Wrighty, good luck on Gladiators!!

Transfer news: we’re linked with the Palermo striker Amauri here. Make what you will of it!


David Beckham at Arsenal? Ade gets the 1,000th

ArseSpeak, my first blog launches today with this first post!

So, a quick overview of the news from the 14th of November before I go to bed..

There are reports that David Beckham may train with Arsenal for the Christmas period to keep his fitness up as the MLS season has now finished. Arsenal are one of a number of clubs rumoured to be allowing Beckham to train with them, we shall see what happens.

After Monday night’s 3-1 win at Reading we are sitting nicely at the top of the table going into the international break. I didn’t see the whole game, due to annoying problems with my computer while I was streaming it. It looked like we were playing good football, Adebayor’s disallowed goal definitely was not offside. in any case he scored our 1, 000th Premiership goal, his first for 8 games which he admits was starting to worry him. Wenger says on the victory showed we had the patience to keep going while Reading shut up shop. A little disappointing to concede the goal at the end but top of the league with a game in hand; I’m not complaining!

Stupid comments by Coppell about limiting foreign players playing in the Premiership. These just keep on coming.. Mourinho has also targeted Arsenal about this with some totally unfounded claims about Wenger’s transfer policy. Platini has also been sticking his nose in recently (nice to see his proposal for more cup winners in the CL getting kicked off the park by UEFA the other day). These people need to understand that limiting foreign players won’t make English players play better it will only lower the standard of the league. Wenger points out that between 1966 and 1996 there weren’t many foreigners and our national team performed worse than it has done since 1996.

On the upside Kitson speaks nicely about Arsenal, saying that we play excellent football and deserve a reward for it. Its nice to hear some praise for a team playing brilliant football instead of all the crap about foreigners.

The Ferguson abuse saga continues..Wenger has spoken out, saying that he could make some dossier on the crap that he gets at Old Trafford. Really this is one of the most stupid cases I have heard of. There is abuse at every football match directed at players/ staff, and I’m sure that Man City give just as much to Fergie and Man Yoo as he got at Arsenal.

So probably a quiet few days till Wigan at home, on the 24th. Hopefully this pesky international break won’t disrupt the side too much and I will be praying for no more injuries like Van Persie’s.

That’s all people, thanks for reading, see you tomorrow

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