Senderos Rumours, Henry Only Loves Arsenal

I’ll start this morning by telling you that it is rumoured that Phil Senderos might be leaving this summer. The 23 year old defender might have played his last game for us at Anfield.

This is just speculation, but added to the possibility that we may also lose Flamini, Hleb and Gilberto, our squad will be streched, as I said before. I think that Senderos will become a good defender, if given the right amount of time. That may be too loing for Arsene though!

Henry has been linked with a move away from Barca, he says the only place he would go to is in England is Arsenal.

“I’m happy – I don’t regret leaving Arsenal. “But there’s only one team in England for me. Everybody knows the love and affection I have for Arsenal. I was so into it, I became a fan.”

“There has been since I arrived here a lot of speculation from day one but, hey, go back where? There’s only one team for me in my heart. It took me a while to understand what that club, Arsenal, meant.”

I don’t believe he will leave them, I believe that Arsenal means a great deal to him, you could always see it when he played. Possibly the best player we have ever had. It’s good to hear him talk about the club in this way.

Toure wants to stay at Arsenal and help us win trophies. Good one Kolo, I hope that certain players follow your lead! Click Here.

He also says he really wants to be captain. It must have hurt when Gallas got picked this season, but his position is now under speculation.Toure would make an excellent captain, and the guy will work really hard to get where he wants to be.

Rosicky is on the mend. We still don’t know when he will be back though. Click here.

How many players are we missing now??? Click here to find out.

Finally, Wenger says here:

“Maybe I’ll have to give the players who go to the European Championships a little breather before they go.”

So we may see some squad rotation in these last 3 games of the season. I have no problem with that. It’s been a very hard season, and players need a break, because if they play all summer then they won’t perform so well next year if overtired.

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