Hleb Talks About His Future

Hleb did an interview today in the Sunday Times, he said this:

“Who knows what will happen?”“All I can say is that I enjoy the game here and enjoy playing for Arsenal. There is more to come from this team and from me.”

This is his first response to the rumours that he might be leaving Arsenal this summer. It does hint that he might be staying, but he isn’t giving any direct answers.

Hleb also talks about winning more, and getting some silverware:

“We have to accept that sometimes victory will not look beautiful, we need to learn to play to win, not just play the beautiful game. The win is more important than beauty and my feeling is that playing the beautiful game is no compensation for not winning a trophy.”

Hleb tells us why he passes instead of shooting sometimes:

“What is it that stops me from shooting sometimes?”

“I know I pass the ball when I’m in a good position and I’m thinking ‘that was a good chance’. It all goes back to my childhood, to my coach, who always said ‘pass, pass, pass’.”

So no real answer, but a hint maybe that his future lies with Arsenal, as Wenger said, moving to the club who pays the most doesn’t apply any more, the players have to make the right decision for their future, and the team at Arsenal has a bright one.

Clichy wants Flamini to sign new contract, hear from him here.

Also Eduardo is expected to come back from injury sooner than expected, possibly even by August! Click here for more from 1970s Gooner.

3 thoughts on “Hleb Talks About His Future

  1. saying “who knows what will happen” is never promising, though i hope he stays, he wont be easily replaced where as flamini is replaceable. Check out [url]http://arsenalheat.blogspot.com[/url] on why i havent given up on the title yet.

  2. hey james thanks for the comment, was just wondering how to get featured on goonernews?any feedback would be great, thanks.

  3. dogstail

    Hi James & Evo,
    Lets hope for the best, but Arsenal should win the title on their own without relyiing on such outside chances of other teams losing.

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