Arsenal Players Look to The Future As Theo’s Girl Slags Off WAGs

Cesc rues the dropping of points here

“For us, it is already next season now”

He said we would come back stronger:

“because we are young, because we want to play, because we are hungry for titles”.

I can see where he’s coming from, you can see in the desire we showed the season that next year we will be raring to go, I am sure the team will want to put this disappointment out of their minds.

Adebayor echoes his sentiments here:

“What was also important is that we sent out a message to our rivals that despite all the disappointments we have had in the past couple of months we are sticking together and showing that we are getting better and better.

“This season we may end up with nothing – but it will not look the same this time next year.”

Meanwhile Wenger believes we were “one game away” from being champions this year:

“I feel we were one game away in this championship. If we win at Old Trafford, we are champions. It’s just one game, and in that game we were 1-0 up and we had two or three chances to score the second goal, so you cannot say we had a bad season. We have 77 points and we have won championships with 78.”

This is so true, we are only 4 points off the leaders, and if we had won at Old Trafford then that would put us on 80 and Man U on 78. Anyway, no point thinking of missed chances, just take the desire into next season and unleash our amazing football on the Premiership!

Wenger was pleased with Adebayor’s performance against Derby, and had this to say on his 30 goal man:

“There is more in the locker than what he is doing at the moment, but how much I don’t know. If he repeats that year in, year out, that’s a mark of class.”

Adebayor deserves the praise a top class striker, he is young and in his first big season he has been excellent. If you agree then say so, because Ade gets a bit of stick on the web!

He had a less positive comment about the Flamster, who is probably going,

“I’m waiting for him to come back to me and tell me whether he’s going”

In other news, Theo Walcott’s bird, Melanie Slade, has criticised the so-called WAGs:

“I hate the stereotype – the shopping all day long, the short dresses and massive sunglasses.

“The wannabes who are so desperate to sleep with a footballer have no respect for themselves, no ambition, nothing.”

Apparently Theo calls her “waggy” when he wants to insult her! Haha, very good, nice to see some sensible comments about people like Cheryl Cole…

Thats all from me!

Let me know what you think about Adebayor and his 30 goals!

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal Players Look to The Future As Theo’s Girl Slags Off WAGs

  1. Door Gunner

    Ade has been absolutely superb this season. He has coped a lot of stick and to be fair he has missed chances, but all strikers do. Bear in mind the sheer amount he has played this year, a rested Ade with a consistent strike partner may have been a different story.
    I don’t know that we were a “game away”, but I do know that we had a very real chance to win it. Eduardo’s horrible break was also the straw that did for the camel. In this case it was an injury to far for an already stretched Arsenal.
    If Ade scores another 30 next year, with Theo coming on and a Van P. fit I don’t think anyone will get close!
    We may loose a player but have faith in the boss, who expected us to pose such a serious threat this year?
    He will strengthen as and where is needed. I believe!
    Peace and out.

  2. Great comment, I totally agree with you. I really hope next year we will have something to show for the performances we put in.
    As for Flamini, not much we can do, there are others who can take his place!
    I don’t know if I can see Gilberto coming back in there after a season as second choice.

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