Arsenal make signing and Van Persie will stay

RVP says he’s an Arsenal lad! After his last comments about the wage structure, he has come out to put transfer rumours to rest:

“I’ve never thought about leaving for a less physical league like Spain.

“I’m a committed Arsenal lad and discussing a new contract. It’s not the money which is important, it’s keeping this team together.

“Collectively we can become something very special.”

This sounds very different to the Van Persie we heard a few days ago. I think you need to take everything you hear with a pinch of salt, because the media manipulate interviews, as we have seen in the past.

RVP is a quality player, but he isn’t fit. Thats the problem. We all saw how amazing he was at the beginning of the season just gone, but when you’re out injured as much as he is it becomes very hard to get a run of form.

If RVP can stay fit then he can be amazing, but if he isn’t up to scratch next season I think Wenger could be justified in offloading him.

Remember though that Wenger does stick with players, even the most doubted can become huge successes under his guidance!

Talking about injuries, we’ve also signed a new physio, Neal Reynolds from Norwich City. He told the Telegraph:

“It’s going to be a very different kind of role”

“It’s a new role that they have designed in that a full-time, experienced physio stays at home at Shenley and looks after everybody. Eduardo is actually home in Brazil right now doing his rehabilitation work there and that may well be another part of the role – to go out there and have a look at how their rehab treatment compares and how he’s actually progressing.

Reynolds will help out and ease the pressure on Gary Lewin and his team, because he will be able to saty in the UK when Lewin is off with England or with other players. I’m sure he’s top quality and hopefully he will do well!

5 thoughts on “Arsenal make signing and Van Persie will stay

  1. sonaz

    The guy has proved to be a player by talent and not by business like Flamini and others.
    Good RvP, thats why the fans love you.

  2. Yeah he is fantastic, the goal against Charlton!!
    Also the amazing form he had at the start of this season, it is just really frustrating that he gets injured like he does at the moment.

  3. kevyeoh

    i agree van persie is a good player if only he can maintain his fitness… look at louis saha from Man utd… that guy is another injury prone player… so i hope RVP can pace himself better so not he’s not easily injured… this will make arsenal even more formidable team with him fully fit… cause right now, only depending on Adebayor most of the time…

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