Arsenal New Kit 08/09

Just a few further shots I found around:
Arsenal GK kit 08/09
Arsenal Home Kit 08/09

Yes Almunia will be wearing a Kimono next season. And why aren’t the socks all red. I hate the white!

11 thoughts on “Arsenal New Kit 08/09

  1. sonaz

    the kit is nice,
    but we still need new players; one centerback, one attacking midfield, left and right wings to help in case of injury. All we need is to win trophies.

  2. Haha, I’m not so sure.
    Maybe Gallas is just being made a scapegoat.
    He was unlucky last season, and if we had performed better he would have been praised.
    In the end I don’t think he is a long term captain for us. It is more important that we sign more players for defence.

  3. boodo

    gallas can captain the side… at the end of the day he is a winner, who is not used to winning no trophies. I think he will lead us to success next season. Incidentally love the new home kit, the socks are cool!

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  5. reece crawley

    what a nice arsenal kit i will get it when i have enough money lol im a number 1 arsenal fan been to both stadiums write back kk

  6. Steve Rusbridge

    Why can’t they just have a ‘back to basics’ home shirt, with plain white sleeves? I don’t like this new one at all.

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