Wenger to make new signings at Euro 2008

Arsene Wenger, that brilliant philosophical genius we all love, has hit Basel with the intention of signing some fresh talent for the Arse.

Arsene was at a press conference last night as Castrol Index ambassador, and he told journalists:


“I’m here with my cheque book If I see something I like….I don’t rule anything out.”

“If I fall in love with somebody, why not, but we all know the big players. What we know about big championships nowadays is that we don’t discover players any more in big tournaments.

“You expect Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and Franck Ribéry to stand out, but I’ll have an eye on Mario Gomez with Germany, [Karim] Benzema for France and [Luka] Modric in the Croatia team.”

There will be a lot of Gooners out there salivating at the thought of Wenger out to sign up the top players of the tournament. I would say to them, have patience and wait and see what happens. If there are players good enough for us who can be signed then the club will do all they can to sign them.

Some Arsenal fans at the moment seem to be desparate for a signing. It is true that Spurs have signed up a load of decent players, but rest assured, if they were good enough for Arsenal then we would have got them, it’s unlikely that they would have chosen a lesser club after all.

So wait and see what gems Wenger can unearth.

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15 thoughts on “Wenger to make new signings at Euro 2008

  1. arsene wenger sign the players that are most important in the missing positions players like : nasri , villa , gomez, quaresma, corluka , ben arfa ,robinho , veloso ,ribery

  2. I think if Wenger is in town to get some signatures, then it’s a fairly safe bet it will be somebody under the radar whom none of us will be expecting – i.e Sanga and Eduardo.

  3. I think the guy was referring to the famous “arsene manuel” which all Football manager fans have to read before commenting.
    It includes players who are “upcoming talents” and ways of getting your club to sign them..

  4. You’d trust Wenger to look beyond the big stars and pick up some of the lower profile players that have solid tournaments – because that’s what Arsenal need – good, consistent, solid players.

  5. jordangraham

    i think arsene should pull his finger out and buy some good players for example nasri, velso,yaya toure,villa and ben arfa and also rise the wage limit coz all the players that are leaving like flamini are leaving coz he aint givin enough money to em

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