Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Arshavin, Camacho

The Mirror is linking us to Andrei Arshavin. They say we will pay £10 mill. The guy is a 27 year-old midfielder, he plays for Zenit St. Petersburg and he’s very, very good. I’ve seen him play a few tiomes and been impressed.

As for Arsenal signing him, I think it’s unlikely. We hear these sort of rumours everyday, and something with no evidence whatsoever can officially be classed as a ‘rumour’ at this stage.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see us sign him, but we have other options. The benefits of signing Arshavin is that he has experience, is at the peak of his career, and is an excellent attacking player.

We’re also linked to a kid called Camacho from Spain. He’s apparently an impressive, young Atletico Madrid midfielder, and Chelsea want him too! He is captain of Spain’s Under-17 squad, and to be honest, I think he’s probably on the Arsenal radar, but we won’t sign him either!

Oh yeah, we’re not signing Albiol either! His agent said it!

10 thoughts on “Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Arshavin, Camacho

  1. given

    i’ve been a die hard fan of arsenal for 11years now, and at present getting fed up of the wenger way of signing players. For the past three years we have not won any trophy and it is heartbreaking.

    I think what we should do is to try and get about four good players which will be: two strikers two midfielders and two defenders. In that, should there be any injuries we would be assured that we will not loose any trophy we are close to getting next time.

    ps please WENGER, buy players.

  2. P’se Arsenal buy good players, at least 6. One good keeper, 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 striker. Don’t let players go. We need all trophies this season

  3. diceman1984

    given: I know you wrote this like couple of weeks ago but I just saw what you wrote so this is my reply:

    “….getting fed up of the wenger way of signing players”, is this statement a little harsh you think? I know you made a good point, we all want Wenger to buy 6-7 players, who wouldn’t?

    But you just have to TRUST him, you know.

    Remember 3 seasons after we won the double in ’98? How did we do? We didn’t win anything right? But then the team which more or less played and grew together during those winless years (Wenger bought few players during each season to complete his desired team) went on to win another double and not to mention the unbeatable record season.

    My point is it takes time for a team (without buying excessively and stupidly like Chelsea. But again, I guess they can afford to) to gel and grow together. This is his 3rd generation. We are so used to see them winning that a season like last year or the year we made the Champions League final failures. We were so so close last year, we just got very very bad injuried breaks that everything the team built fell apart towards to end.

    I predict the starting line up to be like this next season: Almunia, Sagna, Clichy, Toure, Gallas, Nasri, Hleb (Rosicky), Denilson (Gilberto), Fabregas, Ade, RVP. The only change is going to be Nasri who I hope will be as great or even better than Pires (and the one who replace that French Midfielder what’s his name). Now, I wouldn’t be looking to buy a lot of players seeing the team like this either. The only thing I wish Wenger would do is to buy another central defender who can play with Toure instantly, that’s all (and maybe a Goalkeeper? Maybe).

    Our beloved club always maintain the wage structure policy which is what kept us at the top and gave us many wonderful things like a brand new stadium. Do you know that we pay players’ wages more than Liverpool and about the same as Man U? I think you know that we CAN buy those top players for like 30 mil, yeah we can but isn’t it better winning something without having to BUY it like the other teams? Don’t compare Arsenal with Chelsea and Man U, financially we still can’t compete with them YET. But even without those so-called world class players, we were still able to compete and beat any team on any given day. Isn’t it wonderful?

    I know a lot of people disagree with Wenger’s buying policy but please note that he was always like this since the start. He doesn’t buy WC players, he made good players WORLD CLASS.

    Be patient, gunners, trust in Wenger especially in bad time. He’s a human after all, he made mistakes but he proved time and time again to be exactly right. Why wouldn’t he want to win something? He’s so obsess with winning that we could see how he was under so much pressure last season. Yes he loves to win, but to win in his own and Arsenal way. Be pround.


    I personally think that all that everyone saying that wenger should sign players (superstars) is a load of rubbish. when we’ve lost big players like Henry and Viera and ashely cole we have always signed great young talent to replace them like faberegas and clichy and toure and adebayor so we dont need to spend 70 million on superstars that we could easily find who is 18 and costs £100,000 but i do also think that we should sign someone like obafemi martins for about 10 mil but not someone for like 30mil

    p.s i really hope we sign martins who’s probably one of the best strikers in the league OR arshavin would be a great signing for 10 mil and good luck arsene wenger, an arsenal legend


    i also would like to say that Arsenal should let hleb and adebayor go. Hleb for me doesn’t score enough goals and adebayor is extremely greedy demanding 120,000 A WEEK!!!! we have been offered 30-40 mil which we could get Martins or arshavin for 10-15mil and could sign nasri for 15 mil and get a great player from werder bremen, bischoff, for about 5 mil who wants to come. he is a center mid who can replace flamini.

    gooner for life

  6. jr

    Wenger will always surprise you with young players he bought a season or two before. I predict players such as Diaby, traore, vela, Theo & Merida will begin to shine through this year just like Clichy, Sagna and Adebayor have done in recent seasons. The most important position I feel this season will be the person who supports Fabergas, Flamini was a revelation last season however Wenger has always found great defensive midfielders in the past. So don’t despair whilst Wenger is there. Who had ever heard of Vieira, Petit, Fabergas, Toure, Hleb, Flamini, Adebayor, Sagna and the list goes on before they starred at Arsenal. Wenger creates stars he rarely buys them.

  7. ali

    arsene wenger not that you dont know what your doing but you need players like ashavin a person who can run as fast as wallcott to subn him whe nhis injured like ribery a good striker like henry and why did u sell him even if ur planning for the f or the future plan for the present for 3 years we dont have a cup and when u put a squad think of the players of the other team first like the game of barnley you put teenagers who are 15 to 19 and what do they do they cost as the game we lost to a coca cola championship side and it c ost as the carling cup title but if u could have kept a over 19 squad we could have been prepairing for the carling cup fixtures so i hope that this will change how u keep ur side against any team especially small teams but big teams like chelsea u keep the best playaers in arsenal but why dont u keep those players in matches like barnley,stoke city dont take any match for granted dont forget u have to work for something to get it but all o.f this words are coming from the heart . all of the d ie hard fans of arsenal believe in u that u can bring cups to the stadium but ur letting them down you lose small matches like wigan ,bolton and stoke city . but please dont let them down the way u did in the start of the preimer league please give us something to talk about

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