Wenger’s wise words on the transfer rumours

Arsène Wenger knows what he’s doing. That’s a statement which will get you harrassment from certain sections of Arsenal fans who seem to hate Wenger. The thing is that in Wenger we have the best manager ever to work with Arsenal Football Club and he does know how to achieve success.

He has been criticised for his transfer activity of late – but those critics should remember all the great players he has unearthed – Vieira, Henry and more. You can question him, but there is a difference between that and unfounded conjecture.

Wenger knows what he wants for next season – and that’s a competitive team:

“I know a lot has been written about us, but I am very calm”

“Why? Because I don’t know why I should be nervous. It’s like when you take a penalty, if you are nervous it doesn’t help. I will approach it with my usual calm. My biggest challenge is to make sure I have a competitive team next year no matter who it is.”

Good stuff Arsène.

4 thoughts on “Wenger’s wise words on the transfer rumours

  1. diceman1984

    Nice one.

    Which Arsenal supporters hate wenger??? How can you freaking hate him???

    He’s only the best we’ve ever had and brought us too many trophies!

    I agreed with him. We need to be calm and trust him ’cause we will win something this season. BELIEVE!!!

  2. Some people just seem to get on his back thats all. About transfers and things you know.
    You’re right diceman – we should believe in him. People always question managers when a club goes through a dry patch but Wenger is good.

  3. diceman1984

    Wenger always buy like this, even our greatest ever player was bought for ……….. a whooping 10 mil.

    People seem to forget how we hit this dry patch.

    Does 60,000 seated stadium ringed any bell?

    Does a certain team who inflated the price of players and buy players gung-ho style trigger something for you? (not to mention stole couple of our sure-to-be players like Wright-Phillips)

    Oh and not to mention how we’re not lucky enough to win our first European Cup couple of years ago.

    Please people, have some faith. This period will prove how much you have Arsenal in your blood.

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