News: Bischoff, Eduardo, Adebayor and Petit’s regret about Arsenal

We start today with the story that Amaury Bischoff is looking to make an impact for Arsenal when he returns from injury, and prove Wenger was right to gamble on his purchase.

Bischoff has had a groin injury since his time at Werder Bremen and still hasn’t recovered fully.

“Arsenal have shown faith in me and are building me up with a daily fitness programme.

“I know about the competition for places here – nobody can take their place for granted – but I am working hard and there is no reason why it should not work out for me.”

Young Guns has an article on how Bischoff was forced to play through pain at Bremen, which may have contributed to his injury.

Another player who expected to return for injury is striker Eduardo – he should be back around Christmas according to latest estimates.

Emmanuel Adebayor has refused to fly to Zambia with the Togo national team for their 2010 World Cup Qualifier. The players demanded that Tata Avlessi Adaglo (Togo Football Federation President) travelled with them. He declined because he was preparing for his mother’s funeral. The team went ahead, but Ade stayed in Lome.

A very random incident, but something which is to be expected when Togo are involved, they always seem to have rows between players and governing bodies, remember the 2006 World Cup bonus saga? Very odd. At least Ade won’t be playing now!

Also Emmanuel Petit has revealed his regrets about leaving Arsenal in 2000 for Barcelona in his autobiography. The player had a formidible partnership with Vieira at Arsenal, but never recreated his success later in his career.

I don’t believe a ‘curse’ exists, but is is true that many players who leave Arsenal are never as good at other clubs. maybe this has something to do with Wenger getting the best out of players and creating a team greater than the sum of its parts?

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12 thoughts on “News: Bischoff, Eduardo, Adebayor and Petit’s regret about Arsenal

  1. Lozy

    A few intresting stories there, but without a doubt, the news of Eduardo retern as soon as christmas. He was one of the best players last season and we could’ve won the league if had not of been unfourtunatly injured. It will be great to see him back in action, I just hope that he will be the same player when he does eventually return.

  2. diceman1984

    Its karma biting back at those ungrateful players who thought they know better. Even bentley is playing like shit now in a shit team.

    Flamini is secretly crying his ass off right now for joining a once great team for more money. He could be a very big player for us, but no he decided to go be a small player among old and exhausted once-a-star players. I guess money can buy dignity and loyalty like they all said afterall.

    Ill said it once more: we re doing great as far as I’m concern.

    PS: Petit’s regret came 8 years too late, I’m sorry. He’s so much like flamini, could be legend at our club but money spoke louder to them.

  3. diceman1984

    Oh I d like to say one more thing.

    We re always better off losing players, doesnt matter if its against wenger s wish or his decision:

    Overmars+petit=pires with loads of cash in excess
    Cashly cole=clichy+gallas+5 mil that they stupidly gave to us

    And the list goes on and on….

  4. I think if players want to leave they should be allowed to, after all it is a job.
    But I like to see loyalty, too, and with Arsenal it seems that leaving doesn’t really get you anywhere.
    I’m not sure that we have really managed to replace Vieira yet, but Cesc coming through after his departure is great.
    Do you think in the long term Walcott could be TH14 replacement??

  5. diceman1984

    I dont think replacement always equal same style of players coming up.

    Viera and henry are players who had qualities we will never find again. But to me, wenger was ready with cesc as replacement although they re two different player. And ade was no henry but 31 goals last year was henry-like scoring record. We need to move past the point of looking for replacements, like many many impatient fans are for that cunt flamini. We already have those players who can slot in there and do the job albeit with different styles and qualities. I told u that denilson will do alright didnt I?

    For theo, he’s so exciting and so much better this year. He won’t replace henry because hes something else. He will be another legend, shit, he looked this good at 19 I dont even know how good will he be at 25.

  6. diceman1984

    But we never replace viera’s leadership qualities though, you re right!

    Give cesc the arm band next year, he leads by performing and having influence on the grass, not by talking and shouting. Hes young but he’s playing like he’s 28.

  7. I don’t mean exact replacements, but something similar.

    Theo is not Henry, but he adds the pace and balance to our game which Henry did, as well as having other induvidual qualities too.

    I think Gallas may not be captain next year. It depends though on how we do this year.

  8. Arsenal is going down we need more talented strikers, our midfield is OK but our Defence and Stiking limit is low so i hope something should be done. GUNNERS 4 LIFE.

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