Sunderland 1 – 1 Arsenal – Watch the highlights here

Have Arsenal learned from the Hull game? Probably not. Were we unlucky today? Yes.

These are the answers you don’t want to hear, but I think it is true. Sunderland never really created much, but they had their chances. They kept at least 8 men behind the ball until the last ten minutes, and they managed to score a reasonably lucky goal – yet another wonder strike – which wasn’t defended against properly (click to watch).

However, Arsenal were extremely unlucky not to have scored earlier in the game, having a few good chances and RVPs goal disallowed.

We were then extremely lucky that Fabregas equalised with 90 seconds of added time remaining from RVPs corner. (Craig Gordon was completely lost).

That is how football works. I can say now that I am glad to have the point, after a hard fought wet, cold and windy away game in the North East.

Nevertheless we really can’t afford to drop points like this. I think Wenger will be extremely disappointed in the dressing room.

The main problem is – if you want to win the title, you have to beat teams like Fulham, Hull and Sunderland. Getting lucky decisions and grinding out results away from home is crucial and we aren’t doing it.

The full match highlights are here, click to watch them.

Arsenal Insider some good analysis here, he highlights Adebayor’s lack of consistency this season, and agrees with me, Arsenal haven’t learned from the Hull game.

3 thoughts on “Sunderland 1 – 1 Arsenal – Watch the highlights here

  1. Confidentgooner

    We do not have all the assets (players) that we need. key positions namely DM and CHs are missing players. You can argue that we do not have a Right mid, apart from a certain young and developing Theo.

    However, we do not deserve to lose matches that we have lost or drawn the matches that we have if the manager does his job properly. His player selection is 50%, his substitution is 50% and done too late. Those are things the other top flight managers do not play with. AW may have been overrated for the quick and passing game and ability to seek young talent, all of which will not add to any trophy.

  2. cornelius

    I think that AW is overconfident with his young players. If you did not win the trophy last season you can not drop a massive 8 points in seven games.
    Morover I dont think AW subs worked like Nasri and Bendtnar. Where was Ebuoe? DM role is not up to the level.
    Even the Porto game we were lucky to have scored first. Otherwise if they did on that Clichy clearance we would have been confused.
    In the EPL we have played 7 games and conceded 5 goes and dropped 8 points.
    Where are we going? I think we need the international break.

  3. I think Nasri was excellent – he should have started..
    The formation wasn’t right at all, but our players are good – Wenger surely isn’t that overconfident with the youngsters – they are amazing..
    It was a hard game and we did struggle to create, but we can come back.. We’re still above Man Utd..

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