Bendtner told Bolton line-ups? Plus Arshavin likes Arsenal!

According to news reports Nicklas Bendtner told Fabrice Muamba of Bolton the Arsenal line-ups on Saturday, before they were officially announced. If true, this reveals an unprofessional streak in Bendtner, as dressing room confidentiality is essential to the workings of any football club. Bendtner and Muamba obviously know each other, having played in the youth system at Arsenal and at Birmingham, but even between friends you cannot act unprofessionally on the match day.

The quotes are dubiously sourced from the Sun:

“One of Bolton’s staff told Arsene after the game they knew their team well before the team sheets were handed in. When Arsene asked how that was possible the Bolton coach replied Bendtner told them.

In the end Bendtner scored the winning goal, and I hope that these rumours aren’t true, because it will only reduce his popularity among Arsenal fans, a misguided few of whom are already on his back anyway.

I think he is a great young player, with potential to go far, but like all players he is going to have to work hard to be consistent. He isn’t first choice yet, and only good performances can change that.

Meanwhile Arshavin has been fueling more transfer speculation:

“In some games last season, we played football which was very similar to that of Arsenal,”

“I would prefer my present No 10 but in the team where I hope to move it’s not vacant. So I’m ready for any number they are going to offer me.”

This doesn’t neccesarily mean Arsenal, many clubs have already assigned their no. 10 shirts, but he is hinting at something here. The fact that it’s so blatent makes me think we won’t sign him, and that this is just his way of finding a buyer who will pay Zenit for him – he is obviously desparate to leave and play in a more competitive league.

There’s not much point listening to any of this speculation because it is all just posturing for the media for alterior motives. Until deals are done nothing is certain!

7 thoughts on “Bendtner told Bolton line-ups? Plus Arshavin likes Arsenal!

  1. cookie

    total balls i cant believe they are so upset about losing a game ,they honestly thought they were going to come defend and take a point idiots loved to been a fly on the wall in the dressing room lol no wonder davis is so upset he aint got nothing to his game apart from headering A BALL SAD C***T funny it happened to be the goal scorer ,just hope the fans dont take notice of this shit .

  2. Mrs van Persie

    What a load of cobblers – he was a sub, how did he know he was going to be used anyway.
    British press stiring the shit again!!!!

  3. brdgunner

    This is fuel for a story they want to write next week after our next game. We must stand together as Arsenal supporters and stop buying tabloids. All Arsenal supporters should dtop, they do us no favours.

  4. lol your a funny guy arsespeak, saying i’m as bad as the eboue bashers in the crowd just because i believe bendtner has more talent than adebayor. it’s simply my opinion, no1 has to agree, but when ade leaves this summer because wenger grows tired of him being offside x a million per game, hammering open goals into white hart lane and talking too much in the media, while bendtner shines and proves he actually IS better, then i’ll be sure to come back and let you know how much of a fool you were to post the comment you did.

  5. Evo – you have got me all wrong – I was just saying don’t bash Adebayor.

    I said nothing about Bendtner being worse or better than him – I actually believe that Bendtner will be a great player in the future.

  6. an apology you say james, after dismissing my opinion as bollocks, you feeling ok? saying I’m just as bad as the bendtner bashers.

    All i’m saying is that bendtner’s been bashed unfairly. he’s 20, hardly plays, playing through an injury. He might be confident but in no way has he shown himself to be arrogant, you never hear him in the media slating his team mates – like you do with adebayor, and that is my point.

    With ade, always coming out in the media saying stuff like he’s sick of his team mates not showing fight – when this season he hasnt shown an ounce of it himself. he cant finish in a month of sundays like i explained in my post he played in a great side last year and if we had drogba instead of ade we would’ve mullered that league last year.

    like i said lets just sit back and see how long ade lasts at arsenal, if he is still an arsenal player come september – i will apologise, but if wenger see’s fit to let him go in the summer because he’s not good enough, you will have known that the only bollock talker is you, not me.

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