Don’t expect signings this window from Arsenal

Every Arsenal fan is expectant of transfer signings this window, Arshavin is the favourite to sign on, and we might get him, but Wenger is keeping a lid on things at the moment, just in case we can’t negotiate a price for him. He commented today:

“We are nowhere at the moment…That means we are not close to signing anybody. We know what we want to do, we are not close to signing today. We are in negotiations, yes, but we want to respect our principles.
“I am very hopeful that something can be done in a few days because we are half-way to the end. So it will be days, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.

This basically means don’t get your hopes up because Wenger will happily stick with our current squad if he can’t get the right price. Zenit have been overpricing him, in the summer Barca weren’t able to sign him, and moneybags Tottenham weren’t either, due to Zenit’s overzealous pricing regime. The fact that he is going on strike, and can buy himself out of his contract pretty soon could make the difference this time around, but don’t count on it.

“We want to concentrate on what we are doing and what we have here and how we can improve with the players we have.

“I am not a big fan of the window. I feel one of the aspects to judge a manager is to let him start with a team and let him see how far he goes with that team – or you open completely for the whole season.

“England had the right system because it was open till April and that was quite good. Now it’s cut in two and I’m not a big fan of it.

“We have a few options available, but we are no closer. But I believe we have a strong team and we want to do the maximum with the team we have.

Emphasis is on the “we are no closer” here. Negotiations for Arshavin are stalling at the moment as everyone knows, and Wenger doesn’t like the January window at all, so I wouldn’t be suprised if we don’t sign anyone. Wenger goes on to make a good point:

“We are open and don’t forget we have Rosicky, Fabregas, Walcott, all creative and offensive players who will come back at some stage, and that will be like being in the transfer market.

“Eduardo has recovered very well as well, and like a new signing. He is two to three weeks away.”

So we may see a new face at Arsenal by the 2nd of Feb, but if not we have great players returning from injury. I think if all of them come back earlier than expected then we will have a storng side, but I’m still hoping that we will find a way to sign Arshavin to add some strength to the midfield.

More likely the only new face we will see is DB10 as a coach. He got his qualifications for coaching and he has said that he won’t rule out a return to Arsenal as he ‘loves the club’.

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36 thoughts on “Don’t expect signings this window from Arsenal

  1. Tom the Gooner

    Is Arshavin being overpriced? He is rated among the top 10 players in the world. They are all worth more than 20 million. He should be no different. Anything under 25 million for Arshavin is a bargain.

  2. Tom the Gooner

    Don’t write negative comments under the name “bitch” then write positive comments under the name “HCH” and then tell me to change my name because I rate Arshavin as a top class player.

    Also, the little green light is on, press the Caps Lock again, you look like a retard.

  3. nico

    who the hell rates arshavin as ne of the top 10 layers in the world?? what from one good uefa cup and world cup showing??

  4. VILLA

    Why is everyone so aggressive… because you know that there is some truth to this.

    What I see happening is Arsene is going to put all his energy into this one player and when it doesn’t work out there will not be enough time to change focus. I don’t expect Arshavin to come… because I don’t see Arsene meeting their demands.

    I also think Arsene NEED to cut out the bullshit about injured players being like a new signing… how about a new signing plus the returning players, I think that looks much better.

  5. At the moment i just said to myself am i dreaming,supporting arsenal means like U retrieve your headache every saturday so pls.Arsene pls try to purchase someone don’t make us sick ,pls bring back the 2001-04 Arsenal(beauty arsenal)

  6. Young Gun

    why duz every1 want a new signing just give the current team some time ok ye arshavin a great player and getting him will be great ovawise juz bak off wenger hes shown before he can make players great. trust arsene trust the young gunz

  7. Timus

    Here’s an idea for your next story

    “Those Arsenal fans, who have been reading ‘quality’ Arsenal fan-sites long before they were called ‘blogs’ wish that the recent crop of fan-sites owners would realise just because they have an opinion it doesn’t mean the rest of us want to hear it and they should just go back to boring their mates in the pub”

  8. MistaKen

    These new signings Arsene is talking about. Are they the same ones who were playing when we lost against Fulham, Hull and Stoke and Man Silly?

  9. Tom the Gooner

    This blog highlights the stupidity among football fans around the world. A vast majority of brainless idiots.


    We are open and don’t forget we have Rosicky, Fabregas, Walcott, all creative and offensive players who will come back at some stage, and that will be like being in the transfer market.

    “Eduardo has recovered very well as well, and like a new signing. He is two to three weeks away.”
    Same story of each year!! This is not the 1st time
    Mr.Wenger said like that he said that before with V.Persie and Bergkamp and we lost titles , only say it Mr.Wenger and confess that u wont buy any player as usual , all the manager all over the world wait for the opening window in summer or winter except u (I am not a big fan of the window) Mr.wenger say it.

  11. What have I said in this article that seems to offend you so much?
    Is it just the fact that there are too many 14 year old Football Manager addicts on here who are obsessed with Chelski style purchasing?

  12. Biscuit

    Arsenal have no fucking ambition whatsoever. Nothing but a desire to keep hold of their precious money. I am an Arsenal fan but I would not begrudge Villa taking our fourth place. We do not deserve champions league football with such a complete lack of passion, ambition and talent. Wenger has bullshitted and lied for so long about this group of talentless clowns (and i most certainly include Fabregas in this who has’nt played a good game for us for a year) that he actually believes his own lies. Wenger has become a joke that just is’nt very funny at all and he penny pinching is tedious just like the football his team have been playing all season. Arsenal are going nowhere under this has been – talk all you want about what he has done before its all about what he is doing NOW – and thats nothing much at all.

  13. Tom the Gooner

    ^^^^ So lets sign 11 players who are better than what we have and we will be fine and dandy. Simple as that.

    What a prick.

  14. Biscuit

    Tom the Gooner the only brainless idiot on this forum is you. The brainless idiots are those who deny there is a problem when clearly there is, those who say “in arsene we trust” when he has done nothing in the last four years to give us any reason to trust him – other than let our best players leave and fail to replace them – or worst still replace them with garbage like Diaby and Denilson. The brainless idiots are those who cling to the past hoping that Wenger can relive the glory days where clearly the football landscape has changed completely – a landscape where we have chelsea, liverpool, aston villa and now man city to compete with as well as man utd. The brainless idiots are the ones who truly believe that the board has the interests of the club and the fans at heart when really all it cares about is property development and lining its own greedy pockets – hence why a significant portion of our “warchest” was diverted to the highbury development project when it hit the credit crunch despite the fact that we were told the transfer funds and development projects were completely seperate. The brainless idiots are those people who believe everything is cushty at Arsenal – people like you i would hazard a guess

  15. CHIKA

    why in the world is Arsene Wenger gambling with Arsenal’s season. we are supposed to be the team to be panic buying due to the injury problems we have.
    It is really frustrating and annoying to hear him say that we will try and sign someone before the window closes. all this while we have only been talking about one man (arshavin) who in my own point of view is becoming boring. if we need him, we ought to have signed him by now and stop all this off and on nonsense. we have struggled to create chances in 3 of the matches we have played so far. if anyone out there has wengers e-mail please send this message to him.

    from a frustrated arsenal fan

  16. Trey

    Why do Arsenal fans work themselves into a frenzy over inactivity/activty in the transfer market? It is definitely not a guarantee of either success or failure so just wait until its over or better still hope for good results or successive wins and then all this transfer rubbish will be forgotten….

  17. Trey

    Half of these so called up to date blogs merely pass speculation off as fact so until ANYTHING is confirmed or definitely denied sit back relax and take a deep breath.

  18. Trey

    Biscuit, how do you know if Arsene Wenger is being honest or deceitful without a press release or

  19. Tom the Gooner

    Biscuit, you are assuming that I am too stupid to form my own opinions, unlike yourself who just assumes that Denilson is a bad player when in fact he is statistically the best central midfielder in the league so fat taking passing, tackling, goals and assists into account. You are so stupid that you make massive errors without questioning your words. Anyone who even considers what Arsene says as fact is naïve. Anyone who even gives a shit what he says and reads anything into what he says is an idiot. Of course he will lie, he, and every other manager, lies.

    Fools I tell you.

  20. William McDonald

    If Arsenal ie. AW aint prepared to pay the market not AW’s market rate for players be prepared for another disappointing season unless it’s case of the gunners not having cash.Then it will be back to square one with the diamond merchant responsible for his utterance that AW had a mt of cash.
    As in previous seasons if AW had added a face or two Arsenal could have done much better. Actually this present situation is brought on by AW himself injuries not withstanding.If he had bought in the crucuial areas as stated by soccer analysts and Arsenal fans things could have been so much different.Mind you the sa have bags of experience and their counsel is not without substance.
    We still have about four months left and AW could still have the last laugh.But don’t be surprised if the gunners don’t nick the fourth cl spot. What then.
    Yes I know the Arsenal kids like Vela/Ramsesy/Wilshire will blossom amd usher in a new glory period. The question can they do it tomorrow or in ten years time.

  21. Tom the Gooner

    So this majical Villa will suddenly get fourth place? You do realise that they are three points ahead of us? Just three points. They are not all that. If Villa had been Arsenal and we watched their season through our eyes, we would look upon us (in fifth place) as the likely fourth placed team because we are that limited in brain power and negative by nature.

    Villa have been great, by Villa standards. We have been poor, by Arsenal standards. Switch us round and it would still be the same. Villa fans would be delighted at the way we have played and Arsenal fans would be shitting themselves just as much because of how well we have played (Villa)

  22. an actual arsenal supporter!

    That Biscuit guy should fuck off and support chelsea! Arsene is one of the best managers in the world, and arsenal is a top club…we only need too buy arshavin and wait for next season, whick i think (if we manage 4th and dont loose any players) will be a season of glory with our wounded stars returning from injury…Being a football supporter means actually supporting ur team through thik and thin btw… IN ARSENE WE TRUST

  23. Danish Gooner

    One thing is to wont to go the entire season with the same squad that is to be admired if your squad have no deficiencies (Like Manure) but Wenger is being completely delusional if he thinks that his current squad is good enough.

  24. juliorvarela

    Ah, every year recently it’s been the same for Arsenal: should we sign should we not sign? Something needs to happen this year, their position in the league is just not acceptable. Go Gunners.

  25. west ham are better

    Arshavin would be a good buy for arsenal seeing as he has uefa cup experience and that is where you will be playing in next year! however in reality, arsenal will not be buying anyone during this transfer period and will be relying on their young guns for the foreseeable future.

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