How many points will Arsenal get from the remaining games?

To presume that Arsenal will now qualify for the Champions League this season is a very dangerous mentality. To presume that the FA Cup and the Champions League are the only genuinely important games remaining is a very dangerous mentality.

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Arsenal may well sit six points ahead of Aston Villa in the race for 4th spot, but there are some tough games remaining for the Gunners. Aston Villa are bound to pick up their form in the remaining few games as well, so the Premier League is still very much a priority for Arsenal.

With this in mind, I thought that it would be appropriate to take a look at the remaining league games for Arsenal and to reveal my football predictions as to how many points will be achieved. Will the unbeaten run keep going? Will the loss of Clichy and Gallas be crucial in the coming weeks? A little speculation never hurt anyone, so let’s take a look.

Saturday 11th April

Wigan v Arsenal: Forgive me for my pessimistic attitude on this one, but I think it is going to be a draw. The combination of being tired from Europe and the injuries will affect Arsenal.1 – 1.

Tuesday 21st April

Liverpool v Arsenal: Liverpool’s home form has let them down this season at crucial times. This will be a must win for them, but Arsenal have been good against the ‘big four’ this campaign. Another draw for me. 2 – 2.

Sunday 26th April

Arsenal v Middlesbrough: This should be a home banker. Middlesbrough will be fighting for their Premier League lives at this stage, but Arsenal should have more than enough. Arshavin, Van Persie, Adebayor and Walcott up against Chris Riggott and co? 3 – 0.

Saturday 2nd May

Portsmouth v Arsenal: This is a very difficult game. Pompey will need the win to steer clear of the relegation zone. For some reason, I see the unbeaten run coming to an end here. 2 – 1.

Sunday 10th May

Arsenal v Chelsea: In response to the Pompey defeat, Arsenal will start this game at an electric pace. The crowd will be loud, the players will be determined and the luck will be on Wenger’s side. 2 – 1.

Saturday 16th May

Man United v Arsenal: I think it is fair to say that Arsenal will have their say on where the title goes this year. In the penultimate game of the season, Manchester United will still need as many points as possible. However, they will drop two on this occasion. 0 – 0.

Sunday 24th May

Arsenal v Stoke: A nice home win to finish the season? I think so. After this hammering of Stoke, optimism for next season will be extremely high. 5 – 0.

Should these results come true (remember they are just predictions that you may disagree with), Arsenal will gain another 12 points to leave them on 70 for the season. This means that Aston Villa would need 19 points from their last seven games to overtake them. Quite a big ask, I’m sure you’ll agree.

However, Arsenal are by no means guaranteed the points I gave them. The games against Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United could go either way.

Overall, my message is that 4th place is by no means guaranteed. The Premier League is still my number one priority and I just hope the players are aware of this. A win at Wigan tomorrow would do no harm at all.

End of Season Update:

Not bad – We finished on 72 pts and took 4th place!

By Thomas Rooney

16 thoughts on “How many points will Arsenal get from the remaining games?

  1. cesc la vie

    ” The Premier League is still my number one priority and I just hope the players are aware of this.”

    I’m sure the players couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about your number one priority.

    We’ll finish fourth. Don’t sweat it young man.

  2. john

    sensible post in my view. not sure i agree with all the predictions but cups can be down to luck, injuries and ingenius etc so the outcome is very unpredictable and 4th place has 2 be the top priority and a 6 point gap is good but by no means a guarantee of it. its the minimum the club has to get each year regardless of everything else.

  3. cap06

    finally. someone else who is aware of this. we have man u, chelsea and liverpool to play. villa havnt. thats a potential difference of nine points. that would mean villa end fourth. we have to win every game.

  4. WC

    A draw with Wigan – really? I don’t see why we can’t beat them. They’ve upped their game sure but even our Carling Cup team embarrassed them and with the tension in that camp via Mido/Zaki it’s even worse for them to play as a unit. We still have players coming back, though we also have some out but there’s no reason we can’t win every single game left. I don’t think we will because we’ll mostly be concerned with making the 3rd/4th spot and focusing efforts mostly on the cup competitions. However, given the our current form and those of the other clubs, on any given day we can win the remaining 7 games. Liverpool, Chelsea and the Mancs all have chinks in their armor and have shown that, we’re still undefeated in the league and even the Roma game in Rome is a win for us, so we’re undefeated since November. That record and the morale it brings can boost the club to overcome the rest of the opposition.

  5. shooy

    Some idiots writing in blogs are so self obsessed that they confuse their little worlds with the real world. In that real world, no one at Arsenal FC is likely to be making any assumptions about what will happen between now and the end of the season. For that we can all be thankful. You can now get back to worrying yourself silly with all the media and blog chatter.

  6. Buzz3210 (GOONER 4 LIFE)

    Has anyone tried thinking we can still finish third if chavs lose another game they will get itchy feet or the pool fall apart we could steal 3rd or even 2nd keep the faith.

  7. bennygunner

    we’ll come 3rd mate, nevermind 4th and you predictions are a crock. No to mention that you say portsmouth will beat us and then put the predicted score at 1-2 (to us)

  8. jason

    what a load of crap.
    the upside is you will be proven wrong as early as tomorrow and then you can delete this article and we can forget all about your pessimistic take on things.

    get behind the team gooners!

  9. chris

    Like everyone else this is poor, mate!

    WHICH IS A PITY BECAUSE YOU’RE QUITE RIGHT – fourth is a long way from secure and theere’s a lot of tough matches to play.

    But how are you going to make any sense when you predict we’ll lose to Portsmouth and then beat Chelsea because you just think the unbeaten run will go and then we’ll bounce back?
    And you don’t even look atVilla’s games (which aren’t that easy actually)

    Don’t give up the day job.

  10. I don’t think Thomas’ article is that off – I think we will beat Portsmouth – and we do have the chance to take all the points – but there will surely be some draws in the last few games.
    Personally I’m holding onto the outside chance that we can win the Champions League.

  11. James Shepherd

    Interesting post. I am aware that of our 7 remaining league games we have to play the top 3, however Arsenal as a club will never consider 4th place successful. We can definately finish higher than that this season. However I must say I think every Arsenal fan would take fourth place and the FA Cup or even better the European Cup this season.
    There are some comments on here that should be deleted straight away, there’s just no need!!
    Look forward to next weeks piece which will probably look at our chances versus Porto in the Champions League Semi’s!! 😀

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