Which of these five players would you like to bring back to Arsenal?

When people talk about Arsenal at the moment, it is always regarding the future. How will the current team progress in the next couple of years? When will Arsenal be ready to challenge for the title again?

As much as I am not fed up with this talk (because it highlights the huge amount of potential this team has), I thought it would make a change to take a look at the past instead. Let’s take a look at five players from the past and decide which one we would like back.

One thing to remember for this is that these players would be coming back to Arsenal at their peak. Not as they are now – at their best. It is an exercise in which the current crop could do with some help more than anything. Without further to do, what are the five choices?

David Seaman
Some argue that Seaman has never been replaced. He made 566 appearances between 1990 and 2003 and is a true Arsenal legend. Would his ability to lead from the back be valuable in the current team?

Dennis Bergkamp
Quite simply, Bergkamp is one of the best players to have ever played for the club. His vision, his passing, his finishing – the man had everything. Imagine him amongst the attacking threat Arsenal already possess!

Thierry Henry
The first of our five that is still playing now and arguably for the best team in Europe. Henry is another player that will be spoken about in many years to come. His pace, his skill, his influence over his team mates. The man was immense.

Tony Adams
On a number of occasions this season, people have criticised Arsenal’s defence. They have lacked leadership and authority at the back according to some. How about a certain player who made over 650 appearances for the club to steady the ship?

Ian Wright
Wrighty was one of the best goal scorers the club has ever seen. He notched 185 goals during his time at the club and was a firm fans’ favourite. Would you like to see him alongside Adebayor or van Persie?

So there you have it – over to you now. Each of these players would make valuable contributions in the current team, but which would you like to see back the most?

Personally, I find it hard to look past Mr Bergkamp.

By Thomas Rooney

26 thoughts on “Which of these five players would you like to bring back to Arsenal?

  1. Jack

    It’s as clear as anything the one thing our current team lacks is a big, dominating, inspirational centre half. So step forward Mr Tony Adams.

  2. bade the gooner

    its clear that Tonny Adams is the one`he is the most spiritted & committed of all the above (surely i would fancy all of them to be back – great players) he is the true spirit of the army fighters we nned at the back to calm the boys up front to complete the job & score heavely

  3. Mark K

    I have to say Adams, they’re all greats but we need someone to organise, gee up the players and lead by example at the back.

    I’m surprised Vieira wasn’t on that list, given that he’s never been replaced either!

  4. MarkT

    Now Thierry is my all time favourite player, Bergkamp was a visionary but given the omission of PV4 the player this current set up could use mos out of this list in the next five weeks has to be Tony Adams. We have some great creative players at this club, we have even managed to score 4 at Anfield without our first choice strikers. If a 30 year old Adams had been in the side alongside Kolo we would still be in the FA cup and I would be significantly more confident about UTD. If we had PV4 TA6 TH14 we’d rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fredrik

    Vieira altho hes not on the list.. Should really be on there instead of Wright who imo wasnt better than Eduardo is today. Hard to see passed Thierry of course but we dont need hes abilities as much as Vieiras..

  6. Thomas Rooney

    Thinking about it, Vieira should have been on the list! Good feedback so far though, am pleased that people are going for Adams.

  7. ben

    Henry and Bergkamp in that order are the best players to wear an Arsenal shirt in the modern game……

    HOWEVER.. with the current team…. at this exact moment the player we could do with most is Mr Arsenal.. Tony Adams…. we would stop conceding stupid goals.. As good as Gallas is it would mean we could ship him out as a troublemaker…

  8. 1985 gun

    tierry henry was arsenal’s sir lancelot. forget best foriegner or best arsenal player, henry simply was the greatest player the league had ever witnessed! in my opinion, and i mean no disrespect as i adore every arsenal legend, but any other choice is simply sentiment.

  9. vieirasboots

    I’m biased as I believe that paddy was the best I’ve ever seen box to box creative without being hoddle fragile could break up play but so much more than an ince or batty. A leader that could produce goals to. Never been replaced and has won the league in italy every year since leaving.

    PV4 in this team would unleash cesc,theo arshavin and ade to interplay as dennis tt freddie and bobby used to – paddy was the rock they were built on.

  10. JoJo

    Obviously Henry since he is still playing..
    How can you make a list of past players which includes one player still playing?
    You know I’d like to bring back David O’Leary at the peak of his game. Or Bob Wilson. You see how flawed this post is?

  11. davi

    damn, hes not my favourite of the 5 but the one we need right now is adams for me.
    is’s weird the way this team fluctuates, 2 or 3 months ago i would hav said we need henry for his goals, now we need a defender who can add calm to the back 4
    i think wer great in midfield as long as song is playing, and up front we’re generally pretty good, altho bendtner isnt always convincing.
    the thing is though, if we kept most our key players fit for >30 games, we’d walk all over this league imo

  12. jjjjj

    Viera, all day long! I even think we should have just got him in January just to have him around the young players. Even if he didnt play alot he could have had a positive contribution to our title challenge. Even since Sol has come back (well past his peak might i add), it looks like a weight has been lifted off alot of young shoulders! The burden of responsibility has been passed back to the Arsenal Legend, and that could have been shared by Viera, Although Sol is doing a fine Job as our most experienced player!

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