Depressing result but I’m still proud of the Arsenal

Last night was not a great experience for any Arsenal fan. Two early goals and the tie was most definitely over. It was disappointing to see so many fans leaving so early, but I have to say that for the first ten minutes the atmosphere was fantastic.

Nevertheless you have to look at things in perspective. We have been blighted by injuries this season and in November you wouldn’t have thought that we would have made two semi finals and managed to qualify for the Champions League next year. The way we were playing then was awful and the team has improved a lot.

There is still a lot of work to do on this team, but considering this is the hardest season Wenger has had at Arsenal I think we have come out of it well.

Tonight I’m supporting Barca, I would hate to see another Chelsea – Man U final, either winning it would be a disaster. I don’t want Chelsea to win it before Arsenal, and I don’t want Fergie to have back to back CL titles.

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13 thoughts on “Depressing result but I’m still proud of the Arsenal

  1. scott

    Wenger Out!!

    When he goes to real or psg no tears will be shed here, do your youth policy somewhere else

  2. Danish Gooner

    Exactly what is there to be proud of???? Did we go out with a bang???………..NO.Did we put up a fight???…….NO.Did Wenger learn anything from the drubbing at OT???………NO.Is this team progressing???………….That has got to be a big fat NO.

  3. Big gun

    Proud of what mate ? that weve kept fourth place ? or that utd wiped the floor with us for the 2nd season running.

  4. AKB

    Were we outclassed – yes. were we out thought – yes. Am i depressed – yes. Am i still an arsenal fan – YES and always will be – even when we play poorly.

  5. maltese gooner

    i think the policy to have only kids and not ready made players is a scrap now, we gooners had waited with patience for these 4 years but enough is enough, bring some good players cause if not i don’t know when we could lift any trophy

  6. Phil

    I was hurt last night I must admit(I hate losing to Manure),but i’m a die hard Arsenal Fan and I always will be an Arsenal fan. My father is an Arsenal supporter, my brother is an Arsenal supporter and son is an Arsenal supporter. There will be trophy’s soon; we all must keep the faith.

    We’re not fans, we’re family!!

  7. gooner sems

    i am egyptian arsenal fan and as much as is hurt to lose (one of my worst days ever)i am proud of arsenal and i will bet 1000000 k on us bringing home a trophy next season here is to beat chelski and manure in the league in arsene we trust

  8. WC

    Shameful bandwagonists are abound. There is literally no other manager available to manage the Arsenal budget and build a team that can even compete in the top four. Go ahead and name me some and by that I mean managers who we can actually get, not random managers who are tied down by million dollar contracts that would require more millions to buy them out or tie ourselves in useless litigation in the courts. Wenger is the best man for Arsenal right now. He works wonders on next to no resources. Fergie would cry if he had Wenger’s budget. I’m still behind the team and I feel we are getting close, we just need a few special individuals and we can close the gap very quickly.

  9. zack fab

    no.. we are better tahn man u last nite.. but 2goal in 3minutes our team is lost..
    in 1st 8 min .. i l0ok man u can’t do nothing..
    we just unlucky…but we must buy experience..

  10. Gooner

    Positive from the season
    – 4th best team in Europe
    – FA Cup Semi’s.
    – Champions League qualification
    – Invaluable experience for Walcott, Nasri, Song, Denilson, Ramsey, Vela, Bendtner, Gibbs Djourou – the list goes one
    – Cesc and Adebayor have a lot of improvement for next year
    – Arshavin

    Compare our injuries to Man U’s
    Gallas – Vidic
    Eduardo – Tevez
    Rosicky – Carrick
    Arshavin – Ronaldo* Not injured but still
    Clichy – Evra

    Man U have better depth, but even with that depth they couldnt lpay nearly as well with those players out, they simply couldnt

    We have also had Ade and Cesc out for a long period of the season.

    We will yet dominate Europe

  11. Support Wenger

    Its sad to see how many looserfans Arsenal have got.

    You guys start to remind me of the MU fans. Its a fucking disgrace!
    Wenger will get us trophies, and im sure it will happen next season.
    So support your team or convert to MU, because thats were some of you spoiled bastards belong!
    Arsenal Fan Norway!

  12. gooner

    arsene is the best man for arsenal now and forever…scott u fucking cunt…no tears will be shed by us gooner when u die u bitch…keep the faith gooners…

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