Rosicky to stay injured next season?

Tomas Rosicky, surely the unluckiest player in the current Arsenal squad in terms of injuries. The guy is an amazing player, but he just can’t stay fit for us, ever since he joined the club he has been plagued by muscular injuries, especially to his hamstrings and groin.

He said:

“It will be yet a long time before I return, but at the start of the new season – some time in August – I will hopefully start with training,”

So after months out he may finally return to fitness in August. You have to wonder, how much of a role will he play for us next season.

This news comes after his operation to ‘fix him’ in May, which means that he should be injury-free next year. Rosicky should be better, but we have seen players never properly recover from recurrent injuries in the past. I just hope Tom can get over it and get back on form for us, because without him in the side we lack some attacking flair and pace.

Tomas was also upset at the spectacular defeat of his country, the Czech Republic, by Turkey

“The finish was a collapse, as if the guys stopped playing. I am very sad”

Turkey came from 2 goals down to win 3-2, after a horrific Cech error (scummy Chelsea) this sent the Czechs out of Euro 2008! It was a brilliant match, check the highlights out if you didn’t see it at the time!

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