Adebayor new deal? + Parejo transfer talk

Ade has been constantly linked to Milan for several weeks now, we’ve already heard that he wants to stay, but a fresh wave of rumours surrounding his departure have cropped up.

His agent, Mr. Courbis said that Milan had made a bid and it would be hard to ‘say no’. Wenger told them where to stick it though.

Adebayor has now come out and said:

“My future with Arsenal has never been in doubt and I want to assure fans I will be here for many years,”

“My agent has met with coach Arsene Wenger about a new deal and I am happy about how the talks are going so fans can rest assured.”

It seems as if the whole saga with Milan has been stirred up in order to secure Ade the best deal posssible on his new contract. This is a bit cheeky since he only got a new contract last year, but players seem to be cashing in on the speculation at Arsenal since we lost Flamini.

Ade should be careful he doesn’t get a big head because the only reason he did so well last season was because he kept working away quietly. An inflated ego is the last thing we need, so Ade, keep your head down and get on with it.

We’ve also been linked with Real Madrid’s young Daniel Parejo, I have never heard of him, but he’s a 19-year-old midfielder who played at the European Under-19 Championship last year.

I’m sceptical of this one, when compared to Cesc Fabregas he said:

“For me, it is a compliment that such an important European team is showing interest,”

“I have heard rumours but my intention is very clear – my dream is to succeed in Madrid.

“Nobody dislikes something like that [being compared to Cesc Fabregas] but I prefer to look in the mirror and see Raul, Guti and Iker Casillas, three footballers who have come out of this youth system and have gone on to triumph in Madrid.

“I am young and I have patience.”

It seems he would rather succeed in Spain, but if we came calling and seriously wanted him we could get him, even if the trqansfer fee might be a tad high; £11 million.

That’s all till later Gooners!

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  1. julius abiro

    it’s better for arsenal if Adebayor goto Milan,because he Adebayor caused Arsenal the trophy.

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