High Hopes for Löw & His Young Talent: World Cup 2010 Germany’s 4-2-3-1. On Talking About Football

The latest tactical comment on the World Cup, in our joint analysis with Talking About Football. This time we look at Germany’s system. A young and exciting team, who lack experience, something which sounds more than a little like Arsenal.

Low plays a 4-2-3-1 system, and like to get the full backs forward in attack. Pressing is the name of the day, and the team will look to counter-attack rapidly through their forward players.

High Hopes for Löw & His Young Talent: Germany 2010 German coach Joachim Löw is a tactical innovator who can use several systems to suit different situations. They are essentially similar systems, just variations on a theme, based around the 4-2-3-1 formation which he used successfully in Euro 2008. The German team is solid, and impressively conceded just 5 goals in qualification for South Africa 2010, losing no games. They are high achievers, reaching the Semi-finals of the World Cup in 2006… Continue reading on Talking About Football

The Goal (and commentator) of the Season: Grafite, Wolfsburg

Yesterday I posted this video up on Twitter as my goal of the season:

A brilliant goal from Grafite, in Wolfsburg’s 5-1 demolition of Bayern Munich. I think it’s only fitting that Wolfsburg have won the Bundesliga this season, and they deserve something to cheer about – it’s their first piece of silverware in 64 years! Gives Arsenal fans a little to think about!

The commentary is hilarious too, anyone know who the commentator is?

What are you favourite goals of this season? Leave a comment below, or tweet me @arsespeak with your replies!

In keeping with the theme Setanta are running an FA Cup goal of the season feature at the moment, their list is up here, and you can e-mail in if you think they’ve missed one!

Cesc Fabregas – The best day of his life

Tonight Cesc Fabregas played for a Spanish team who made history. For the first time in 44 years they won an international trophy.

Spain won 1-0 against Germany after a fantastic Torres goal. They dominated the match. The Germans looked stagnant and the Spanish looked fluid. Cesc played 63 minutes before being substituted.

Cesc described it as the best day of his life:

“It’s the best day of my life as a football player,”

“I don’t think we are conscious yet of what we have achieved. It’s the best feeling you can have as a footballer, it’s one of the best trophies you can have. It is one of your dreams, and I made it.”

“It was a long time since a team of that quality tried to play football, tried to put the ball on the ground, tried to create chances and play beautiful football. I don’t think we’ve seen many teams have success. Finally football has the success it deserves.”

“You can see how young we are, so hopefully in two years’ time we can fight for the World Cup.”

It good to see Cesc loves to play quality football and win. This is why he loves playing for Arsenal, because we play good football, we just need to win stuff!

Well done Spain, and Cesc, it was well deserved.

Now take this success into next season!


Cesc is in a Final – Euro 2008

After coming off the bench again last night against Russia, Fabregas showed what a quality player he is.

Spain beat Russia 3-0 and now face Germany in the Final.

Cesc came on as a substitute for the injured David Villa on 34 minutes.

In the 50th minute Xavi put away Iniesta’s cross, the second came from a superb Fabregas pass from which substitute Daniel Guiza converted on 73 and then Fabregas played in Silva for a the last goal on 82 minutes.

Arshavin was poor, as were the rest of the Russians, Spain sparkled.

But Fabregas is the player everyone is talking about. He is such a great player and now he is proving on the international stage. Barca must be kicking themselves even harder than they have for the last few years over losing this guy.

Some of the players in the current Arsenal squad are fantastic talents and Fabregas is the jewel in the crown.

Anyway I’m just happy that he played so well, now they just have to beat Germany in the Final and everthing will be great!