The Goal (and commentator) of the Season: Grafite, Wolfsburg

Yesterday I posted this video up on Twitter as my goal of the season:

A brilliant goal from Grafite, in Wolfsburg’s 5-1 demolition of Bayern Munich. I think it’s only fitting that Wolfsburg have won the Bundesliga this season, and they deserve something to cheer about – it’s their first piece of silverware in 64 years! Gives Arsenal fans a little to think about!

The commentary is hilarious too, anyone know who the commentator is?

What are you favourite goals of this season? Leave a comment below, or tweet me @arsespeak with your replies!

In keeping with the theme Setanta are running an FA Cup goal of the season feature at the moment, their list is up here, and you can e-mail in if you think they’ve missed one!

12 thoughts on “The Goal (and commentator) of the Season: Grafite, Wolfsburg

  1. kevlinefm

    The commentary is QUALITY!
    Why can’t Sky Sports have this kind of commentator? 100% entertaining.

  2. jim

    Great stuff, I’ve seen thsi so many times now.

    First found it a few weeks ago.

    “He’s running rungs around the COMPLETE defence”


    “Did you like that? I did! He Didn’t! *when Klinsman was shown*”


  3. Nate

    Great goal.. Wolfsburg were great this season and it shows the advantage of having a great striking duo up front..

  4. lagalletaroja

    Haha, that was one of the greatest goals I’ve ever seen… the commentator did an awesome job… still laughing here 😀

  5. nofrillz

    bloody hell!!!

    & he scored 20 or more for the season. so he ain’t no 1 hit wonder. maybe we should try to get him in if adebayor goes

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