Van Persie linked with Inter + Transfer talk: Ade + Hleb

It has been suggested that Jose Mourinho is looking to sign RVP from us for his new club, Inter Milan.

I wouldn’t be suprised if top clubs are interested, but as you know, here at ArseSpeak we’re cynical and we know that the media aren’t trustworthy. Yes, clubs may want him, but will he actually leave? It is doubtful.

The same can be said of Adebayor, our 30-goal a season striker who has been linked to the other Milan club: AC. Now the president Silvio Berlusconi has said that Ade is too expensive for them.

Silvio Berlusconi:


“He costs a lot.”

Adebayor is also now in contract talks with Arsenal, so much for that one!

Another bit of news is that Aleksandr Hleb may not be leaving Arsenal after all.

Inter, the original ice cream bandits, who tapped him up in February now have a new manager, and don’t want him. Barca have spent so long bumbling about I don’t know whether it will happen and Real and Bayern were always dubious links. I reckon that there’s a 50% we might see Hleb staying, watch this space!

All in all I don’t think we will lose many more players this summer (maybe Hleb), I hope we don’t. Just be a little critical of some stories you read Gooners.

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Fabregas hopes Hleb stays

Cesc Fabregas, representing his contry at Euro 2008 is keeping up to date with what’s going on at Arsenal, he wants Hleb to stay and play with him.

“I have always said that Hleb is an incredible footballer and what he has done is underrated, well, everything that he does, because he is still an Arsenal player,”

“That kind of footballer deserves more credit. But I tell it to you, he is an incredible footballer. I hope we’ll carry on playing together for years.”

This mentions nothing about whether Hleb is actually leaving and I think he needs to make his mind up. It’s very nice that Fabregas wants to play with him, but the transfer saga surrounding him is growing to crazy levels.

His transfer options have been reduvced since Mourinho doesn’t want him at Inter. It looks like Barca might come in for him but nothing is very clear right now.

Lehmann Staying At Arsenal

Lehmann says here that he will stay with the Arse after all.

In the article it mentions that he has recieved offers from other clubs but turned them down

“I want to stay with Arsenal until the end of the season… I cannot just leave like that before the season ends”

He has been moaning all season but here he seems a littke more reserved although still jibing at Almunia.

“There are situations where you find yourself behind a goalkeeper who is world-class and you have to accept that…But I am not in this situation.”

Now obviously he is angry and wants to regain his place, after being number 1 since he joined the club and raley missing a game it must be a nasty shock to find himself on the bench, but to be fair Almunia is looking solid and the team is getting results. Even if Almunia isn’t seen as the long term option Lehmann at 38 certainly isn’t either. He has played a big part in successes in recent years, it’s sad to see some of the comments he’s made this year, but at least he is a little more reasonable here. Hopefully we can offload him at the end of the season, thank him for his service and get away from his moaning..What is it about these German keepers!

A link here on Arsenal’s website about how well Vela is playing in Spain.

Justin Hoyte talks to about the racist abuse he recived from fans and players playing against Serbia in the Euro U-21 Championships in Holland. This is really awful and the fact that the officials did nothing is shocking. Racsism has no place in football and it is saddening when these young players like Hoyte have to be exposed to abuse in that way. the poor guy felt very hurt. Racism shouldn’t be happening, especially not in an international competition. There is a greater problem with it in Eastern Europe than here, but wherever it happens is wrong and there’s no excuse.. There should have been some action taken by officials in the match.

Some rumours, most likely complete fabrication by the Italian press that Wenger is going to make a loan swoop for striker Adriano, with Gilberto going the other way to Inter, I don’t belive this really..

Another odd rumour about Arsene bringing a striker in, this time in the Telegraph they say that Wenger is going to try and bring Agbonlahor in from Villa in January for £15 million..This seems a very high price for a striker who isn’t world class. We shall see but I think that there is no way Arsenal would splash so much cash on such an average player. All Wenger has said is that he will be looking to strengthen the team in January, but with no relation to Agbonlahor.

Wenger has told Arsenal TV Online on Eduardo: “He is getting sharper now, and we will see the real Eduardo after January.” Interesting, I really hope Eduardo can do well for us and break the curse of the number 9!!

Finally A very happy birthday to Steve Bould, 45 today, ArsenalPies has the story here!

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