Wenger thinks we can win it all next season!

Wenger has been quoted in the Daily Express. saying he thinks Arsenal can win silverware next season

“I think we can win everything. We are very, very close,”

“Now that the Champions League final has become an FA Cup final the team who is very strong in England has a good chance to win the European Cup. The Premier League title goes down to one game, won or lost.”

“I believe overall quality, going forward, we were the best team in the League. However, Arsenal conceded 10 more goals than the others and that made the difference.

“It’s very difficult to take a perspective in what people expected from us at the start of the season, and the fact we are disappointed for not winning the championship.

“We have done beyond expectation, but, as well, we are disappointed beyond expectation as we have not won the championship. But we feel we are very, very close.”

I’ve said before on this blog that we were amazing going forward this season, it was just defensive frailties that let us down. That was what cost us everything in the end.

Wenger should look at signing someone to bolster the defence before he goes for players like Nasri or Ben Arfa, as tantalising as Gooners do find them.

Wenger remphasizes what Pat Rice said a few days ago, last season we exceeded expectations and next season we will be back better and stronger.

Pat Rice puts rumours to bed and looks forward!

Right a bit of Pat Rice news here. Pat has denied the speculation that he was considering leaving the club.

A few weeks ago Gooner Talk posted up an article stating that sources close to the club said Pat’s wife was ill and he was considering leaving Arsenal.

That day the comments rained in and Stephen Rice, Pat’s son, even commented that the rumours were untrue. Gooner Chris came forward and did the right thing, apologising for the rumour.

Today Pat Rice spoke on Arsenal.com:

“To put the record straight, there is absolutely no truth in the rumours that have been going about,”

“The first rumour on a website claimed that I was leaving because my wife is in ill health. That is completely and utterly a lie. I’m really surprised and disappointed that someone would say something like that when it’s not true.

“As far as I am concerned, my role this summer is no different to how it has been since Arsène came here in 1996.

“Until he tells me something different, I will still be in my normal role as his assistant and we will be looking forward to doing pre-season as per normal.”

Pat also looked forward to the season ahead:

“If you got back to the close season the so-called pundits were writing us off,”

“One pundit – who I remember is an ex-player – said we would be lucky if we finish in the top eight! That goes to show you just how good the side is.

“I believe that the experience and the disappointments we endured throughout last season will make sure we come back even stronger and even more committed.”

This the same thing we have heard quite reguarly from the club this season. At the time I couldn’t understand why people were going so crazy and were so pessimistic about the season coming up. I was nervous but most of the people saying we wouldn’t finish in the top 4 were just talking up the hype.

This team is strong, but to be honest I am more nervous about the season ahead than last because we achieved so much good last season, it will be even more disappointing to not win anything this season again.

We have a great side, but it lacks depth, and with key players leaving Wenger needs to make the right moves to keep the team strong.