Arsenal Away Kit 08/09 – New pictures

Looking for the 09/10 kit? It’s here!

New pictures have emerged of the Arsenal away strip for next season (2008/9). It’s based on the 1989 Championship winning kit, worn at Anfield when we won the title with a historic Michael Thomas goal!

I like this a lot better than the new home kit, yellow is the only good colour for an Arsenal away strip!

Arsenal Away Kit 08/09

Arsenal Away Kit 0809

Arsenal Away Kit 0809 Close Up of Collar Details

Personally I’d prefer a return to this classic style from 1991-93!

arsenal away kit 1991 - 93

Haha! Gotta love it. Thanks for reading guys!

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54 thoughts on “Arsenal Away Kit 08/09 – New pictures

  1. Billy k

    people that say white is more arsenals colour are just wrong reminds me too much of the yids. Even though yellow is more an arsenal colour i still dont like this kit

  2. keithunit182

    personaly i dnt care what arsenal wear…as long as they play well, besides teh away shirt isn’t 2 bad, but i hope we can keep the alternate kit or 3rd kit teh same, it was really cool

  3. I really like the new home shirt, the away one isn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t part with my hard-earned for it.

    Congrats on a really good site, James – coming along nicely and fast becoming my essential daily read along with Gooner Chris’.

  4. diceman1984

    I thought we are suppose to use the white kit for another season. There’s the 2-season rule, isn’t it?

    Anyhow, if this is really the new kit they I won’t be buying it soon! haha

  5. diceman1984

    I thought we are using the white kit for another season.

    There’s the 2-season rule, isn’t it?

    Anyhow, if this is really the new away kit then I won’t be buying it soon!haha

  6. Ed D

    I think it will end up looking good, when i saw the first pictures of the new home kit i wasnt too keen, but then when i saw the promotional pics with the players wearing it, it looked much better, wait till those pics come out for this away kit and i can almost garuantee it will look better!!

  7. Ed D

    diceman1984…. the white kit is our third kit for the new season…the 3rd from last season is know extinct, bit unfair to all those who bought it really

  8. I think they are the same.

    I reckon the last two are just dodgy copies – or really bad photos.

    The design is exactly the same – the colours just look washed out on the second photos.

  9. Gooner

    nice:D how can people like the white kit? yellow is our original colour, become a spud if u want a white kit!!!

  10. GoonerRO

    ARRGGHHH does my head in reading so many blogs these days with so called gooners loving the spud white away kit

    ARSENAL – RED & WHITE HOME – YELLOW & BLUE AWAY – and whether you like this new away kit or not at least its a nod back to our recent glourious history not Nike trying to make us look like feckn Charlton!!! FOOTBALL IS ABOUT TRADITION or am i losing the plot

    What next – black socks? Man U of the south!!!


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  13. ridwan

    it doesnt matter.. as long as arsenal win.. beutiful kit but not winning anything is more ugly n embaress

    think before u say

  14. Ollie Birch

    Smart Shirt!
    Like the idea of the designing a kit that goes back to the famous 89 season. Love the yellow and blue which were Arsenals original colours around 100 years ago. Nike have designed a real good kit here, and Iam ddefinatly going to get it when iot comes out. ****

  15. ninjagun

    ugly ugly ugly,,
    to everyone moaning about the white kit and tradition, true yellow and blue has been used more, i personally hated everysingle yellow kit we’ve had apart from the gold sega one.
    The white kit is the best kit we’ve had in a while (the 3rd kit from last year is also better than this!), you say you dont like the white kit because of spurs, our white kit was white,redcurrant,gold redcurrant being OUR colour to represent highbury’s last days and should always be used from now on in 3rd kit. I think the gold pics look better than the orangey-yellow.
    Imagine this kit but with the 3rd kit colours or the white colours it would look much better.
    THE BEST AWAY KIT WE’VE had was the NIKE navy blue,baby-blue with wavy lines,red o2 away kit that noone but me remembers!!!

    I dont think anyone will buy this kit!.

  16. kev morby

    Oh ………..both kits look like something from George at Asda. This is Arsenal for God’s sake.
    When are we going to get rid of this Nike S**T and have a proper kit made by Adidas or Umbro.

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  19. Jay

    I Think That That Kit Is Stunnin =D
    And For Those Who Say That White Is More Arsenal’s Colour…… Do We Look Like Yido Scum? NO!

  20. Gbo

    The Arsenal away kit was made available in the US weeks before you could buy even it from the Arsenal shop.

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