An In-depth Look at Greek Super League Playoffs: In Bed With Maradona

If you are interested in world football, then you might just like my latest post over at In Bed With Maradona.

My first article looks in detail at the implications of the Greek Superleague’s decision to introduce a playoff system for European qualification, and the feasibility this might have in the Premier League as it was proposed and backed by some clubs, but opposed by Wenger and Arsenal.

PAOK AEK and the Big Fat Greek Playoffs Last season Premier League bosses controversially proposed a playoff system to decide the qualifiers for the European places. The Greek Superleague or Σούπερ Λίγκα Ελλάδα (literally soo-per liga Ellada) has used a version of the system since 2007-2008, and in some ways, the Greek model could serve as a test for any wider applications…

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