Arsenal Injury Injury, now on to Old Trafford

So, Man Utd at Old Trafford tomorrow, 5.15pm.

It looks like we have quite a big list of injuries to contend with, Kerrea Gilbert was on the bench against Blackburn, that shows how little coverage we have at the moment. Traore may start tomorrow, against Ronaldo, which doesn’t bode well.

In the end it is not the first priority, and I would rather have the Premiership than the FA Cup, As much I’d like to win everything the league is 38 games of consistent form and the cup is one off ties, so anything could happen tomorrow, whether we have a stronger team or not. As long as we keep winning I don’t mind!!

Adebayor is cool, so is Willy Gallas, against Blackburn it was so satisfying to see Adebayor get the goal he deserves and for him and Gallas to celebrate together.

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