Get Well Soon Eduardo!!

Today all our thoughts should be with Eduardo. The poor guy was on the end of a horrendous tackle on Saturday against Birmingham, at the beginning of what turned iut to be a very frustrating match. He suffered a broken leg after Taylor charged into him, it took nearly ten minutes to get him off to hospital. He is now in London in hospital, is taking emails of support for him here.

It looks like he’ll be out for about 9 months, which is reasonable seeing as there were worries that it could have ended his career. We will miss him but hopefully Theo can step into the breach now, its a real opportunity for him to make his mark, now he needs to perform. Martin Taylor has been to the hospital to apologise to Eduardo, which is admirable.

The match itself had high and low points, we looked a little shell shocked in the first half, after the injury, and went behind to a McFadden freekick. In the second half we came out much more positively and within 10 minutes we were 2-1 up through 2 very well taken goals from Theo Walcott, his first in the Premiership. It all looked very good, but we didn’t capitalise on subsequent chances and come the 93rd minute Clichy had a moment of madness and took his eyes off the ball in the penalty box, allowing birmingham to steal in, Clichy’s tackle resulted in a debatable penalty, which was scored.

Gallas was visibly frustrated, kicked advertising hoardings and stood past the halfway line whilst the penalty was taken.. After the final whistle he remained on the pitch. It wasn’t good leadership and really he needs to step more into the role of a real captain, that isn’t what you want to see in the chase for a title bid.

Anyway, we have a few days now to get our heads straight and refocus. its Aston Villa on Saturday, they will be a tough test, playing well under O’Neill and in the race for fourth place. Flamini says the team is determined to win the title for Eduardo and we have to keep consistency in these last 11 games.

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