Wenger’s Main Priority: Keep The Squad Together

Arsene says here:

“My first target of the summer is to make sure what we have here stays here, and after, if there is still money available, to buy players,”

“Maybe we have to add a bit of experience to all that – but we have done the main job.”

“I believe at some stage you need to strengthen the team, but changing the team means kicking some players out and replacing them. That is not the feeling I have. I feel this team has been absolutely tremendous.”

Right now I think that should be our main aim, Flamini and Hleb are rumoured to be leaving as everyone knows. Hleb may have played his last game for us seeing as he got a 3 game ban for violent conduct, see here.

Flamini only has a week to sign a new contract within the deadline that Wenger set. Hleb can buy out his contract this summer. They will be hard to replace if they go.

Wenger doesn’t tolerate disrespect:

“People say you make mistakes, well that is professional. When people say you don’t know what you are doing, that is a little bit disrespectful.”

“At the moment I am trying more to protect the players so they don’t lose their self-esteem and their confidence,” he said speaking before the weekend. “I feel that is important for the future of the team and for themselves.”

Wenger is doing the right thing. He knows that confidence is a very important attribute, and we need to keep our spririts high to be able to start well next season.

The critics seem to forget that we had our best start to the season in the Premiership ever this year and we have great potential for the future.

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