Hill-Wood Worries About Flamini

Thought I would post up twice toady, due to the fact this is important!!

Peter Hill-wood, our Chairman, has said that he is worried Flamini will leave. Click Here.

“We have made what we think is a pretty generous offer and we are waiting to hear whether he will accept or not,”

“You just don’t know nowadays. You think players have a pretty good life but, somehow, someone persuades them the grass might be greener somewhere else.

“So I don’t know the answer, all I know is we think we have pushed the boat out.”

His comments suggest that we have offered the Flamster quite a substantial pay-rise. Thing is Juve are coming in for him with a bigger offer.

If he hasn’t signed by now I think we will probably lose him. Now might be his best chance to make it big, play in Serie A and make a lot of money.

If you’re reading Mathieu, please sign on! We need you!!!

2 thoughts on “Hill-Wood Worries About Flamini

  1. omoniyi richard

    flamini we love u and i want u to stay coz u are the best that as happen to us this season.i want u to know that going to juv as know garanted that u will win the italian league/champions league.

  2. mc10

    no matter how much we love this guy as gooners supporters if he wants to go let him go but i believe no one is bigger than the club.he should also learn from past mistakes of thiery,anelka.if he goes we wish him the best and i believe someone will feel that void

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