Hleb and Flamini, Latest News

Wenger has made an improved offer to Flamini to try and get him to stay. Read here. It’s reportedly £55 000 a week. He said this here:

“I believe he wants to stay and we want him to stay. We have made him an offer, if it’s not good enough we will know soon.”I respect our wages structure. We have made an offer. We think it is decent and that is it.”

I am quietly confident that he will sign for us, the deadline is the end of April, so we will know in the next week whether he stays or goes.

Another player linked out, Hleb: and Wenger’s really angry about the way Inter have shown their interest.

“Statements from inside the club saying they are interested in our players, without calling us that is not acceptable. You would never hear me saying that. If I am interested in a player I go to the chairman.

“The newspapers may have the speculation but for a club to come out with a statement like that and not even call… I think it is disrespectful. It is illegal.”

Stupid Inter.. I guess Hleb will stay, why would he want to leave??

Henry. Never say never.

Fabianski to start on Monday and the Boss may not even sign another ‘keeper if Jens leaves.

Sagna out for rest of season, not so suprised about this.

Modric signs for Spurs.

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7 thoughts on “Hleb and Flamini, Latest News

  1. nicky

    Flamini doesn’t need a new club with a bigger pay packet.He needs to show loyalty to the club and coach who nurtured him into the star he is today.

  2. I think losing either is really a big deal. They have played a huge amount of games this season and both are integral to the way we play.
    If we want a successful team we have to built on a stable base, losing key players isn’t what you need.

  3. ashley

    yes we should keep them both – but it doesn’t make sense to me how West Ham can offer players 70k per week but we seem to have glass ceiling around the 50k mark. does anyone understand the Arsenal salary structure?

  4. Hussein Al Alaily

    I think if Flamini goes that will mean that he’s a retard. How could you leave playing for arsenal and in the premier league to go and play in the Serie A. And for a team that won’t Qualify for the champions league. I mean if you do that for an extra 5ooo pounds then you don’t deserve to play football. He just needs to be loyal to the club and think straight.

  5. He may not be off to Milan, but they are a powerful club with a lot of money. Maybe the pull of such a massive club is too hard to resist, we all want him to stay here, but he has been rather neglected at Arsenal until now. His rise to international fame has been fast, it might have swept him off his feet a bit. It’s all very well wanting him to be loyal, but his ambition is probably not the same as ours.

  6. gloryglorymanutd

    Now that Flamini HAS gone, you’ve just gotta make sure Hleb stays put – he’s a massive player for you lot!

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