Nasri – Will Arsenal ever sign him?

Last week Wenger said that there was a good chance Nasri would be an Arsenal player before the Euros kick off.

We still have a week to see if that is actually the case. I’d like to point out that no matter how much speculation there is, until its a done deal its not a done deal, no amount of hype will make this fact.

Basically everyone is bored on the football front and every tiny quote is analysed in detail in the hope that we can glean a minute detail of information.

So after all the talk we have another quote from Le Boss, talking on French radio RMC:

“Nasri, he interests me, I hope I will do it after the Euros.

“It is more complicated now because the wage differences [between the French and the English league] are not as big as they used to be.

“Just watch [Karim] Benzema. He is 20 and recently signed a new deal.“It is very difficult [to transfer players from the French league] but England is considered one of the two top leagues and the best players want to play against the best players.”

What we know – Arsene is interested in Nasri and would like to sign him.

What we can guess – Arsenal have been talking to the player and are currently negotiating a deal.

What we hope – That Nasri signs up.

I wouldn’t be too hopeful of signing him anytime soon. Really I’d prefer it if we just heard nothing until it actually happened.

Translated quote: Setanta Sports

26 thoughts on “Nasri – Will Arsenal ever sign him?

  1. THABO

    whether we sign him or not the frenchman is little concerned about the club losing fans and players to other big clubs. supporting arsenal continues to be a source of heartache

  2. SoftVision

    Arsene is on holiday and the transfer window has opened today (or yesterday depending on your timezones). I believe that we’re getting a bit too restless and need to give it some time.

  3. mo

    i feel let down. arsene is letting me down. big names are connected with our team everyday. we have players saying that they wanna come here (david villa) and we dont even consider acting on them or making an offer of any sort. we have players that are essentially signed for us apparantly (nasri) but we cant seem to meet their demands. we have a player that our coach and manager really are interested and want (ben arfa) and he isnt doing shit to sign them. i mean i love arsene, i have faith in his coaching techniques, and his skill for finding stars, but you gotta sign some big proven stars and names.SPEND SOME CASH. i know we have structures and policies, but if we do it right, we can get any players we want that we know will perform and win us matches. i mean Benzema, dos santos, quaresma, david villa, ben arfa, robinho all are dominant players who have made a name on the stage of football somehow. they might not be team leaders but they know how to play and play arsenal style football. I am sad to say I dont see any signings to IMPROVE our team. i see a few signings to fill in spots that are now left blank (flamini, hleb, eduardo) but we will just buy players to fill them in. they will be unheard of signings, which might turn out to be great, but we cant test this EVERY season.. we are not bolstering or enhancing our team. we are just fixing a ship that slowly seems to be falling apart. we need to sign attacking and direct players. no more hleb/rosicky type who dont drive to the net, we need ben arfa, benzema, villa who want that final shot and score. we missed out last year on torres. we should’ve had him when we gave atletico reyes. we should’ve had a swap with some cash involved, but arsene fucked up and let him go. we should have got players like tevez, bable, torres, ribery, quaresma LAST SEASON. then we would’ve had the finishing we needed this year. SAD TO SAY GUNNERS BUT I SEE ANOTHER 3 CUP-LESS SEASONS COMING UP. manpoo, chelski, and potentially even livercunts will have better and replenished squads. espcially with a few BIG BIG PLAYERS that they will splash cash on to reinforce their teams. and even if we were to make a bid for a player or consider bidding, we will be out bid by by the other top teams, cuz we are not willing to dish out any cash.

  4. LEON

    is anybody aware that the tranfer windows does not open until july the summer window is 1st july -1st august. poeple are fofetting that.he has quite few players lined up but they wont be maid official until then. when it comes to nasri, he is training camp with france and they have alot friendlies alover europe and straight after that there euro 2008. i think people just assumed just like myself ussumed that one the season was over tranfer window was open aparently it does open until july. i feel that wenger has lining players since feb or march. and i think he has lined up at least three players you just have to be patient,

  5. Chase

    No it doesnt LEON because chelsea have already signed a new RB and we have signed a 17 year old frenchman for free

    DUMB ASS!!!

  6. Chase

    But im hoping we sign him in the next week, then we can move onto buying a new defender, striker midfielder and goalkeeper

  7. Samir Nasri is a great youngster with bright future ahead. I can’t wait to see him on the pitch alongside Fabregas.
    By the way I wonder if you mind to exchange links?
    Thanks and have a good day.

  8. jonnyboy

    look, there are clearly complications, imo due to the contract nasri recently signed. if it means we have to wait till after the euros, so be it. of course its annoying, because he may have a fantastic tournament, but im sure clubs like real madrid and barca allready know who this kid is. lets just wait. wenger knows what he is doing!

  9. adam

    i completely agree with jonny.however wenger isnt straight forward. maybe he plans to sign him unexpectadly. he could be trying to draw attention away from it so people lay off. its possible

  10. LEON

    all the players that have aldready syned player i think you will fing that are out of contact and are free to go where and when they want. i could be wroung but doint the tranfer window is open until june or july. but in any case nasri is on iternational duty. but arsenal fans do realy you think nasri is only winger there is out there wenger has huge number of targets nasri just one. but i do agree with you jonny its abit complicated but dont panic. wenger always made great purchaces in past i dont think he will let down.

  11. jonnyboy

    well i would care if we missed out on him because he is gna go on to achive great things, and in 10 years, we will all be sayin IF ONLY!! but i still believe he will sign. also i dont think he will play on the wing, he will play the hleb role. could the hleb deal be delaying it. maybe we dont have the money. that would worry me!

  12. I think we have the money, probably just negotiating a deal right now.
    Hleb does play on the wing a lot though.. If we had a fully fit team then it would be a striker up front with Ade rather than Hleb in the hole.

  13. ye adam dat wt happened wif diarra he said dat he dont wan him den he bought himso he probs gonna get him dis week

  14. mikee

    yeh i really didnt expect us to sign diarra wen we did.whatever happens lets not 4get that this is wenger. did anybody expect eduardo to sign, wen we were linked to the likes of anelka, martins and owen. wenger always likes to go for the unexpected.the fact that he has come out and said he hopes it will be done, for me tells me that there is some kind of agreement cos rarely does wenger actually say that we are in negotiations. lets wait and see

  15. mikee

    and to add on the transfer window thing. it opens as soon as the season finnishes. it has been open for some time now. EG modric!

  16. Seems the whole Nasri saga is going to continue plodding along for quite a while before we have any cast-iron answers.

    I can understand those of you whom it doesn’t fill with confidence, but surely lets start to worry about who we have/haven’t bought-in when it gets a little closer to pre-season.

    There is plenty of time yet.

  17. Wajdi

    i think that nasri will sign after the euro’s because i dont understand why even Ribery would come out and say it is a done deal and that he’s going to arsenal. His agent also said its going to be concluded soon. I agree that Wenger hardly ever comes out and says that he wants a player, this is surprising it seems hes really interested, top priority, nasri would prefer arsenal as Wenger is french and so communication is easier for him. Real and Barca already no of this guy, they have bigger priorities this season, if they wanted him i think they wouldve already tried 2 sign him. we’ll see what happens. Transfer window opens wen the season finishes, but players link up with the club at the 1st july

  18. Fair point Wajdi.
    One thing I would like to say to Mo, who commented earlier.
    We lost the title this year because we were unlucky and we lacked a bit of depth, but Wenger doesn’t have to spend big to get us trophies, he just needs to get the right players in. If they cost a lot thats fine, but they don’t have to be big names.

  19. Fahmy

    I am sick and tired of all these speculations and pesonally, this Samir Nasri saga is now an an irritation and i ma tired of nasri’s agnet playing cat and mouse and getting things done post Euro’s. He is such a witty businessmen.Why cant’ this speculation end and facts be relased when it happens. Hleb should be sold for a price of 12-15 milllion pounds or should let him rot in the reserves if he tries to talk about his buyout clause and all that rubbish. I would really happy if we can do the following;

    Sell (GBP);
    Hleb (12-15Mn), senderos – (6-7Mn) and
    Nasri or Ben Arfa (LW,LM or CM)
    Yaya Toure or Aquilani (CM,DM)
    Caseres or Per Metsecker (CD,CB)
    and may be Gomis or Frey (GK) to provide competition for Almunia

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