Video – The moment when Fabregas became a great player


Cesc scores vs. Juventus at Highbury – Arsenal win two nil in the Champions League QF 1st leg.

This was when he showed his greatness on the world stage.

6 thoughts on “Video – The moment when Fabregas became a great player

  1. 49 Unbeaten

    Before checking out this article i thought exactly of his goal in this match……whole heartedly agree…

  2. So true mate, I remember watching this and thinking this was the moment when Cesc showed his talent. It’s nice to watch it after not seeing it for ages!

  3. Well although it was a nice goal overall and extremely valuable I don’t think this was it. It’s not like it was a really incredible finish or anything, most of what made that goal great was Pires’ contribution.

    I don’t think that goal really said that much about his ability, because the finish was actually quite ugly. He is a phenomenal player now and perhaps already was before that goal- even if he didn’t used to score very much. But yeah I think he did far more impressive things on that stage before that goal. Goals are overrated in general, especially for a player who is so fantastically influential throughout the whole game normally.

  4. Yeah I’m not saying it was an amazing goal, but it was a huge game and Fabregas played amazingly during that game, he totally outshone Vieira.
    That is what I meant by the moment Cesc became a great player.
    Of course he was good already, but he really showed his classs in that match, which was at a very high level, and to get a goal topped it all off.

  5. yupperswuari

    Ugly finish? If you’ve ever played the game for real, you’ll understand the trickery needed to send the big Thuram from one way to the other with legs wide opened.

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