Arsenal make £1.65 million!

Fabrice Muamba the ex-Arsenal midfielder has left Birmingham City for Bolton for a reported fee of £5.5 million. The reason this affects us is because when Birmingham signed Muamba from Arsenal we put a 30% of next sale clause into the deal.

This of course means that we get 30% of the cash which Bolton paid. If that is £5.5 million, then an astute piece of buisness just brought us an extra £1.65 million for Wenger to spend at the shopping mall we call Euro 2008!

3 thoughts on “Arsenal make £1.65 million!

  1. Finance

    Sorry mate – it’s 30% of any profit made not the total fee so it’s more like £500k. Still it’s better than nothing

  2. RE:Finance

    Sorry mate, the OP said “for a reported fee ” so any derived sum would be conjecture.

    “30% of next sale clause” = 30% of Sale price ….. Which would amount to £1.65 million if the reported fee is correct.

    “30% of any profit made not the total fee” … You would need the exact sale price to Pompey, the exact sale price to Bolton from Pompey and take into consideration the 15% waiver if paid by Direct Debit.

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