Barca negotiate for Hleb and Adebayor, but will either go?

Barcelona have been involved in transfer negotiations for Alex Hleb for some time now. They are also apparently looking to pick up Adebayor on the way as well.

Hleb seemed more likely to leave than Adebayor. Wenger recently faxed AC Milan to tell them Adebayor ‘is not for sale — not for money or gold’.” and I can’t see that his attitude to Barcelona will be any different over Ade.

According to Barcelona they might not sign Hleb either. Barca vice-President Marc Ingla:

“The negotiation with Hleb is still in progress and despite him being a player with special qualities, if his club are not ready [to sell him], we have other options in mind,”

A lot of the rumours seem to have been started by papers with nothing better to write and fuelled by statements from agents. Players words can also be twisted to misprepresent them as well.

Adebayor has spoken this summer already about his desire to stay as an Arsenal player, and that is the only outcome I can see. Hleb has not been so forthcoming, and his agent said he wanted to leave, but as time passes it looks less likely.

The whole situation will be done and dusted come the end of the transfer window, so wait and see, but don’t be suprised if both of these players are wearing Arsenal shirts next season.

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