Barca bid for Adebayor and Hleb? Are Arsenal a selling club?

The news is rife with stories concerning Adebayor and Hleb and whether they will leave.

On Thursday we heard that AC Milan’s sole transfer target this summer is now Adebayor. Barcelona are also chasing his signature. AC Milan scout Ernesto Bronzetti says Milan still have a chance, but that Barca already have a deal:

“Let’s say we have a 50 per cent chance, a lot will depend on the wishes of the player in the end. Arsenal want to sell him to Barcelona, for their own motives. Barcelona tell me they already have an agreement with the player. I only know that the Barcelona president, Laporta, after having been doubted, now wants to shut everyone up by buying a big-name forward.”

“I do know they won’t have the economic means to buy him until they sell Eto’o or Ronaldinho, so I’d advise Milan not to buy either of them or they’ll finance the operation of taking Adebayor to Barcelona.

“(Saying the players weren’t needed) was a massive strategic error. Now anyone who wants to buy those players is maybe going to wait until August 29.”

Ade has come forward to say that he won’t comment, although he has said he will stay before, this media frenzy does worry me:

“Now I do not want to comment on anything relating to FC Barcelona, perhaps later it may be necessary but not now,”

“It is better to wait.”

Barcelona are also interested in Hleb and have reportedly offered about 50 million Euros for the pair. I’m not sure if they will leave, Goodplaya says that we will sell Adebayor if the money is right and replace him with Santa Cruz. I don’t like the idea of that happening, not at all. I think Ade is vital to the team and we need to keep it together – but Santa Cruz would be a quality replacement if he did leave.

Hleb, is a controversial issue these days, Wrighty7 doesn’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again after all theat has happened in the last few months. I would love to see him stay, but I would be much less worried about him leaving than Adebayor – simply because in Adebayor we have found a top stirker just at the right time, whereas Hleb is replacable.

If either do leave I will be worried about our ambition to be honest, if that did happen it would seem like we have become a selling club, and that isn’t how you become a successful club. I jus hope Arsenal find the right direction.

Talking of Adebayor there’s a great article on the BBC about his life and growing up in Togo, he seems like a genuinely nice chap.

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday/Sunday, I’m off!

4 thoughts on “Barca bid for Adebayor and Hleb? Are Arsenal a selling club?

  1. I wouldn’t be too worried about us losing some of our major players, as it’s happened many times in the past and it will happen again.

    We’re not a selling club or a feeder club, if that was the case you wouldn’t see us finish in the top 4 season after season.

    Arsenal do not want to sell their best players, and I have absolutely no doubt in mind that the players that leave are players Wenger wants to get rid of. The exception probably being Anelka.

    The fact is, we have some absolutely fantastic players and gone are the days where players stay at clubs for their whole careers. It is something we have to get used to, but its not just us. Ronaldo is leaving Man U, Stam, Beckham, van Nistelrooy have all left in the past. Liverpool will not keep hold of Torres for more than 4 years, it’s just the way football is going at the moment.

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