Arsenal Tranfers: Amaury Bischoff and Schneiderlin

In the last few days some rumours have been circulating about two players – Bischoff, a midfielder who plays for Werder Bremen, and Schneiderlin, a French U-18 player, who just signed for Southampton.

These are both very unlikely rumours. Firstly Bischoff – he plays as an attacking midfielder – we don’t need that sort of player – and he has hardly ever played for Werder – as he has an awful inury record.

Schneiderlin is a young French player who has just been signed up for Southampton – there are reports from his fan club (cheers GoonerTalk for the link!) that we may be looking to take him off Southampton in a few years – but that seems a little strange – why not just buy him and loan him to Southampton.

Both seem unlikely, I would like to see us bring in a defender to be honest, but I don’t know if Wenger is looking for a defender.

It all depends on what happens with Ade and Hleb – what do you think Wenger should do??

4 thoughts on “Arsenal Tranfers: Amaury Bischoff and Schneiderlin

  1. Lozy

    I agree we need another top class defender because (as I said in a response a week or two back) I don’t think Phillipe is good enough for a long spell if Toure or Gallas are injured.

    As for replacing Flamini, I think it will be between Diaby or Gilberto and I personally think Gilberto will take the role. However, Take a moment to condsider Eboue in that role. He is strong, fast and we know he is not afriad to put a hard tackle in, also he is a consistant player. It is a new thought but maybe worth a try?

  2. LEON

    i completely disagree with this story it is clear that wenger is not in the market for a defender and i think he is wright,it is unbelievable to me what raw deal seneros is getting, he played extremly well when toure was playing african nations and because had one bad game playing at liverpool the daggers are out.

    anyone who knows anything about football would see that once edwardo got injured are attacking options became limited, if you look at manu they had giggs,teves,rinaldo,roony,nani,anderson,scoles,arsenal had fab,ade,bretna,wilcat you see that starc difference in attcking options that will score goals, we had 3-4 players manu had 7-8.

    the complete nonsence that arsenal need spend 15-20 mill buying defenders and holding midfielders spells panic buying, i feel that song will play huge part as will gilberto and bringing more attcking options is whats needed particualy wingers and attcking midfielers.

  3. KEN

    Ade just go away… we dont need you anymore.
    Your attitude make us sick..
    Hleb please stay, we
    really need you to get better on our attacking style.
    Walcott, show us you are better than 14.

  4. diceman1984

    I don’t think Wenger is buying any starting-ready defenders. I judge it on his buying records, he never buys A-class defender if he doesn’t need to, i.e. when one leaves.

    Since the Adams, Keown, and Bould days, we never had 3 SOLID central defenders who can play for can take turns playing without any worries. Why is this so? Honestly, I don’t know. It’s the ONE thing I disagree with Mr.Wenger since it’s cleary been shown of our ability to defense, ESPECIALLY in the AIR.

    Gallas used to be really good for Chelsea but since he moved to Arsenal I think he’s getting worse and worse, not to mention a bad leader. Senderos seems to be playing great for his national team but not too good for us, I don’t really know why. I guess, though, that it stems from the lack of Vieira-Gilberto-like players in our team. Flamini was good but him and Cesc were not gonna sit and protect the back all day like Gilberto did.

    Does this mean Gilberto should start every game next season? I still don’t think so, he’s too slow both physically and mentally for Arsenal nowadays and he had his best days. Personally, I don’t think we NEED players like him or Senna in our team nowadays to protect the back since two interchangable players like Cesc and Flamini played so well together. Although Denilson is a better when playing offensively, he MIGHT pull it off partnering Cesc (finger’s crossed for this!). Though, I think we need a very very solid central defender to partner Toure (just imagine players like Vidic or Terry playing with him).

    Still, I don’t think Wenger will buy any defender, at least someone who will start. He will try to push Song to play there (why would he put him in there and pushed Toure wide out at the end of last season then?) in central defense which I HOPE will be another great switch like Toure.

    Maybe Bendtner would do a better job there ’cause he heads the ball so so well hahaha.

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