Eduardo training in two weeks?

According to Arsenal Analysis Boro Primorac, the Arsenal coach has been talking to the Croatian media whilst holidaying in Split.

The Croats report that he will be back in training in about two weeks which is excellent news.

Boro told them:

“We are all extremely happy that his rehabilitation went so well and that soon he will join up with the team.”

And he reckons that Eddie will be as good as he was before the injury:

“I believe that Eduardo will soon return to his form that was before the injury”

So good news if these reports are true – we will have a top quality goalscorer back in the team for the next campaign.

Happy days Gooners.

6 thoughts on “Eduardo training in two weeks?

  1. Lozy

    That is great news for all Arsenal fans. I just hope it don’t take him too long to hit top form again. It has been known for a serious injury to change a player for the rest of their carrer, but I don’t think this will be the case with Eduardo.

  2. Wokich

    I’m not sure he hit top form with us the first time around. He was getting there though. I’m excited to have him back!

  3. walufu

    This is exellent news as we prepare ourseleves to capture trophies next season.Eduardo will come back psyched to prove his worth.

  4. diceman1984

    What a shame he got injuried like that last season. Wish for him to come back soon. Who knows, maybe he will score 25 goals next season, anything can happen!

  5. WaiMin


    I am not an Arsenal fan. But Eduardo to come back for training after such a tragic tackle on him, I respect him. Although, as I said, I am not a fan of Arsenal but a fan of Chelsea, but I am sure, Eduardo is the player to watch. Agree? He was stupendous before his injury. Possibly, he will still be scoring goals after this injury. Who knows? But his return to Arsenal is a vantage point. Cheers to all Arsenal fans out there!

    Yours sincerely,
    Wai Min

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