Wenger on Rosicky and Eduardo

According to Arsene Tomas Rosicky should be back in September and Eduardo in November. Tomas has struggled with injuries since joining Arsenal and I feel his creativity was sorely missed last season. Meanwhile, Eduardo was unlucky to get the nasty injury at Birmingham, just as he was starting to score goals reguarly.

Rosicky has been out of action since Jan 26, and has been reguarly injured while Eduardo got a fractured leg and open dislocation to his ankle in late February.

They took part in Members’ Day yesterday and afterwards Wenger commented:

“The situation is positive for both players,”

“We believe Tomas could be available in September and Eduardo maybe in November.

“Also it was good for them to be back in this kind of atmosphere. The players enjoy a day like that.”

Both of these players are crucial to Wenger’s squad and the plan for the season ahead. If they and Robin Van Persie had been available last season then we would have had a much better chance of silverware.

Remember that we spent many games watching Eboue on the wing and Ade up front on his own. With Rosicky, Eduardo and RVP in the line up the team looks very balanced. You can see how Wenger has built a great team, but it cannot perform when key parts are missing.

One thought on “Wenger on Rosicky and Eduardo

  1. Lozy

    It is always said that Arsenal have a young team, so losing Rosicky is losing one of the more exsperienced palyers aswell although he is still fairly young himself. I think he is one of the best players at the club and we will need him fit if we’re going to win anything this year.

    Losing Ed damaged the whole – on the day and the rest of the season. You could see that the players were clear shocked by what they saw and a couple of them looked queit ill, particually Cesc. An injury like that is a lot for very young players to see and it knocked us out of a great run. With that no have happened, who knows we may have won the title.

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