Arsene: “We need a defensive midfielder”

After the sale of Flamini and Gilberto this summer, Wenger is still searching for a replacement to play the defensive midfield role which these two have in the past.

We have options at the club already, most notably Diaby, who has played the role during pre-season. I have blogged before about Diaby and I think he has talent, but he doesn’t seem to be able to fulfil his potential.

There are other players in the squad, such as Song, who can play in central midfield, but Diaby is the only real option which makes sense.

The problem for me is that last year the squad did not have the strength and depth which is appropriate for title challengers. We have now let two first teamers go, and no-one has replaced them.

Wenger wants to bring in another midfielder, who is more experienced, and this makes the most sense, after Members’ Day he said:

“If we have everybody on board and nobody injured then [OK] but maybe we could do to take one more experienced player.”

This is true – we could manage this season with our current squad if no-one gets injured and use Diaby in central midfield. He is a good player and we have a strong first team. But there is not enough cover for Diaby, and it would be too easy for that to go wrong.

If we really are challenging next year the best option is, as Wenger says, to bring in an experienced player, and then Diaby would be used as back up. That would be the perfect outcome – but if we can’t find the right guy then we may go ahead with a weakened squad.

So keep looking Arsene, I just hope you find the right guy before time runs out!

13 thoughts on “Arsene: “We need a defensive midfielder”

  1. Lozy

    I think it’s now unlikely we’re getiing G.Barry so I think we’ll end up with Diaby with Denilson as a back-up. But I had this one thought, and I know its a long shot, but what about Eboue in that role? He didn’t preform on the wing and we know he can put in a strong tackle. A change in postion may suit him. But as you say, bringing a new experienced player would be ideale.

  2. arsenal orient

    i find your opinion wrong, first flamini was not a DM. nor is diaby, in fact diaby said himself he is an atacking midfielder therefore he is cover for fabregas. the man to partner cesc is denilson, he plays cm for arsenal but his preffered position is DM which is where he plays for his country (U-‘number’) – where he is captain. diaby for sure cannot tackle whereas denilson can do the lot, tackle, pass, shoot, score. denilson was bought to replace gilberto – when he was in the first team.
    however if we do get a new DM i reckon it would be someone who is a tough tackler etc. maybe someone in the mould of Lorik Cana.

  3. edzarinho

    I’ve read that we’re linked with Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso. It would be great if Wenger buy him. He has experienced, was included in Spanish Euro 08 squad which I think could be a great partner to Fabregas and he is a good free kick taker as well. But I don’t know weather he is a ball winner type of player.

  4. rpn_ArsenalFC

    May be Eboue is the latest body cross my mind to be filled flamini’s place. Barry not good enough to collaborate with CF4, while diaby is more attacking than defensive midfield. Honestly Alonso still the best in this part… Cheers

  5. Odu

    The problem is getting a team that can sustain the tempo and maintain consistency. Not when one player gets injured, everything gets scattered like last year when eight draws (no wins) in a row lead to loosing the EPL. Just two wins out of the eight would have changed the title chase.

    The preparation should be now. Get enough depth for the team. That is the advantage Chelsea has above most teams.

  6. LEON

    i feel wenger will use diaby as dm,i see him as a veria type player and if stays healthy he will do very well,i also feel that delison will do very well, we also have song and he might use eboue in that area, if he can a slightly more experiened for a bargin hje will get one but its not essential

  7. I reckon Wenger is looking for that midfielder. But if we can’t find him then we will go ahead with Diaby as you say Leon.
    Denilson has a chance but I don’t think he’s ready yet..

  8. diceman1984

    I don’t know. I think our squad is good enough if we don’t hit another bad injuries-break like past season with main players suffering one after another.

    I think Barry is not right for us. He played great for Villa but I think that’s as good as he can be. He’s perfect for Liverpool, a great B-grade player!

    We don’t need Alonso, the only thing he can do is pass, pass, and pass (he can’t even tackle properly). Sure, he’s a great passer but don’t we have like many great passers already? Fabregas is the best and Nasri, Denilson, Rosicky are all great already.

    After watching Denilson played this preseason, I personally think he’ll be our best shot. Look at how he’s so driven to win every ball. Diaby is great too but to me Denilson can do what that French money lover did last season, better even. He’s put on some weight and Wenger seems to be playing him way more than Diaby. But Diaby would be great if he plays too, I think both are potentially great.

    IF Wenger buys one more player then I hope he buys someone who can play both in the middle and right winger. Eboue keeps getting playing time on the right wing, I don’t know why ’cause he’s so rubbish at that position. I said many times before, he’s a great right back but a bad midfielder. The game against Juventus at Emirates he couldn’t complete one pass!

  9. Diaby had a slight injury, that’s why Denilson played.
    But Denilson is a good prospect.
    I agree we could probably do ok with no more signings if we dont get injuries, but that’s unlikely!

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