Arsenal Transfer Round-up: Wenger’s busy, Hoyte, Inler and Giovinco

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Just a quick post to let you know whats happening in the transfer market.

Wenger says he’s looking for a player but he’s been busy with the Amsterdam Tournament and preparing for the CL Qualifier:

“At the moment, I am not close to concluding any transfer deal, because I am too busy here,”

“Maybe next week something can happen, but for now we have to focus on the Champions League and forget about transfers because it is a big target for us.”

“I do not rule out anybody completely at the moment. If we were in advanced negotiations with anybody else I would say no, so everything is possible right now.”

That’s fair enough I would rather see us in the Champions League than a player signed. He isn’t ruling anyone out, so it looks like we could see a new face coming in.

We’ve mainly been linked to Inler and also now a young midfielder called Anthony Annan, he’s a 22 year old playing for Ghana with Essien.

Wenger has hinted that he is open for offers for Justin Hoyte, I wouldn’t be suprised to see him leave, he hasn’t got much of a chance with Sagna and Eboue in front of him for the right-back slot.

“At the moment, he is with us and we have had no formal offer from anybody,”

“There is interest here and there, but nothing concrete.”

Wenger might loan out younger players he says:

“I may let one or two go on loan because they need to play,”

“It is part of their education. It is not especially to get Premiership experience, but to play in the first team every week with that pressure. Then, when we feel they are ready to integrate in the first team, they come back.”

We’ve also been linked by the unreliable Italian press to 21 year old Sebastian Giovinco of Juventus, he’s a young midfielder currently playing at the Olympics.

One thought on “Arsenal Transfer Round-up: Wenger’s busy, Hoyte, Inler and Giovinco

  1. Wenger is being so illusive right now, it’s not like he’s saying he will buy once more, and he’s not saying he won’t either. I’d like him to buy one more player but right now I don’t really care, I just can’t wait for the first game to start already.

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