What does Silvestre mean for Arsenal

Mikael Silvestre signed for Arsenal from Man Utd in the shock signing of the season yesterday. Reportedly the fee was around GBP 750 000, which I think is worthwhile for an experienced defender.

Silvestre is 31, he plays at left back and in central defence, and he is a good addition to the squad.

I still think that the one midfielder Wenger wanted is on his way, Silvestre was just a good bit of buisness he spotted.

It is worrying that Man Utd sold him to us, as maybe that means they don’t see us a title rivals, but if it turns out that he provides good cover, or even breaks into the first team and plays alongside Gallas, it will be a shrewd bit of business on Wenger’s part.

Last season we bemoaned the lack of experience and strength in depth, especially in defence and if Silvestre can clear that up then I will be very happy.

We shouldn’t have any animosity towards him, he may have played 9 years for the Mancs but he is an Arsenal player now. I hope that he provides a new aspect to our game.

5 thoughts on “What does Silvestre mean for Arsenal

  1. Lozy

    Good to see Wenger buying the exsperienced defender that we thought he would, even if it was a shock. I’m looking foward to seeing him in action against Fulham (maybe). Personally, I don’t have a problem with him being an ex manc but I think some fans might, for a bit anyway.

  2. diceman1984

    Did we have any problem with Sol Campbell?

    Why should we have it with Silvestre then?

    I personally love it when a player signed from our rivals. He’ll score the winning goal against Man U, you’ll see.

  3. diceman1984

    Losing to fulham is a slap in the face to all of the players and wenger.

    They were so jaded, maybe international games got to them after all.

    Still, I’m so dissapointed right now. Fucking Liverpool played like shit but still won. We played like crap and lost so easily. Watching this game, I didnt feel like we could win.

    I hope this is only a one off game thing. Its so bad that eboue was our second best player today.

    Nasri is the real thing, a nice little spark in a horror day. C mon gunners!!!!!!!! We re better that this.

  4. we definitely played badly. I think the midfield was extremely weak – mainly due to the pairing of Denilson and Eboue in the middle. They were awful, we lacked any creative spark and lost the battle in the centre.
    We weren’t unlucky today, we were just crap, but I’m sure with a stronger team out we would have done better.

  5. diceman1984

    After sleeping and waking up, I think that it’s better to suck now than the end of the season. The years we win the league we didn’t always have the best of starting games.

    Trying to turning crap into gold ain’t I?

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