Toothless Arsenal cause doubts at the Cottage (plus video highlights)

Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat at Craven Cottage yesterday was one of the poorest Arsenal games I have seen in a long time.

The line up didn’t really suprise me due to lack of midfield options, but I knew life would be hard for us when I saw Denilson and Eboue lining up in central midfield.

Nasri Eboue Denilson Walcott, it isn’t a title winning line up. I know Fabregas is out, and Diaby too, but even then the squad looks worryingly thin, all we had on the bench as cover was Ramsey and Wilshere. Eboue isn’t a central midfielder, and Denilson was out of his depth, he made a lot of bad mistakes.

We lacked the quality in the squad to replace injured players, and we desparately need a new centre mid. We ended up with RVP playing there and Bendtner and Adebayor up front.

The defence and attck however was the first choice team, and we looked worryingly toothless, we couldn’t string passes together, we weren’t tackling, crosses were misplaced, runs were mistimed. Schwarzer had 1 easy save to make all afternoon.

To make matters worse, Gallas’ awful marking at a corner allowed that new Fulham guy to get a leg in and score.

I know when Cesc is back in the squad things will be different, but we can’t rely on one guy, we seem to have lost a lot of defensive qualities in midfield (Diarra, Flamini, GIlberto) and creative qualities (Hleb). We need a new signing now, and the Boss needs to have a think about how the team will shape up for the season.

Arsene told the press:

“We were not sharp enough in the first half, and our passing was certainly not as good as we expect it to be. I don’t know why,

Of course it is a setback. But the result is there, and we have to make up for it by winning the next match. We have a big game on Wednesday in the Champions League and need to improve.

“We paid a big price for the mistake on their goal. We should be able to cope with a corner when it comes in at low level like that.”

It’s only one loss, and we aren’t out of anything, but last year we finished 4 points off the top, we dropped 3 today and I hope we don’t regret it.

Click here for the highlights.

6 thoughts on “Toothless Arsenal cause doubts at the Cottage (plus video highlights)

  1. diceman1984

    Passing and midfield are always our strongest point. How did we lost it hugh last night.

    But people said rubbish things about wenger. I don’t get fans who want him gone. WTF? He won us so much that he need to be here for life. Yeah its a little excessive but that’s how much I admire the genius.

    We really need a new signing quick though.

    And why is it that gallas was so good at Chelsea but never play at his best for us?

  2. diceman1984


    I am so fucking furious and confuse right now. Why the hell do so many fans want to see Wenger go?

    One really bad game and already they lost their patience. What a rubbish.

    If we don’t support our own team, the players will know and question marks will be formed.

    I feel so bad for Wenger that these people are so ungrateful. He proved himself enough that he’s a genius.

    I can’t believe Arsenal fans can be this cruel and impatience. 3 years are nothing before Wenger came, REMEMBER!

  3. Don’t listen to them mate, they don’t know what they’re talking about.
    It is one loss, its bad, but it doesn’t mean Wenger should be sacked.
    There will alwys be people who call for sacking etc etc, but they don’t seem to realise that stability is the making of a successful club, and Arsenal have been successful in sticking with Wenger.
    It is sad that we have underachieved in the past few years, but last year was a great improvement.
    One problem is that the squad still needs strengthening, and Wenger does need to address that.
    But anyway Diceman, don’t worry about those people calling for Wenger’s head, there are always people in football with views like that!
    Stick to your guns!

  4. Lozy

    I completely agree. When I heard fans saying they Wenger sacked I was upset – but not suprised. There’re are always some with no patience but any real follower of Arsenal will always stick by Wenger, me included.

    Although we do need a new signing I just heard today (Monday) that Wenger said “buying is not always the answer”. So it looks like it might be until January until we see some new faces.

  5. diceman1984

    I agree that real arsenal fans remember the highs wenger brought us and that alone should grant him hugh respect and proof.

    Signing or no signing, I still believe its going to be a nail biting but exciting period for us. What’s exciting about spending 300 millions to be second place in everything???

    I wish I can talk to all the players directly to let them know I still believe in them(maybe excluding eboue, maybe). I’m not in a hurry, I can wait for this team to grow together and beat every millionaire teams on this planet.

    Shit, whatever I’ll say will never be enough for my respect and beleif for wenger. People seem to think he doesnt want to win.

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