Where are Arsenal heading? Transfers and Chief Executives

According to Arsene Wenger, Arsenal are close to appointing a new Chief Executive. The position has been filled by Ken Friar, the ex-Managing Director, since Keith Edelman’s departure in April.

The lack of leadership in this position perhaps explains why we have struggled to bring players in this season.

Wenger told Arsenal.com:

“It is progressing quite well. We are getting to the end of the story. I am involved in it and I am consulted for it but it is down to the board to make that decision.

“Having consulted me, they will take the responsibility to name the right person. I think the decision will be made soon but I don’t know exactly when.”

A rather large hole was created when David Dein left the club, and we need someone who can play his role in the day to day running of the club, and in transfer negotiations. The Board seem rather distanced from Wenger, and we have been in limbo since the depature of David Dein.

Hopefully a new appointment will help iron out difficulties and play a large role in Wenger’s relations with the board and in transfer negotiations.

Talking of transfers, it was disappointing to see that we hadn’t snapped up a last minute midfielder on deadline day, but it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days, as we are linked with Ghana’s Steven Appiah, who played for Ghana last night.

He would be available on a free, so we coud sign him up straight away, but he has struggled with knee injuries, and we don’t need any more injury prone players. Also I’m a little worried that clubs such as West Ham have shown the most interest..

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18 thoughts on “Where are Arsenal heading? Transfers and Chief Executives

  1. Anonymous

    We need to make sure that the relationship between manager and chief Executive is the right one. The manager needs full support from him but without interfaerence with general managing of the team. We know what the wrong blance in this relationship can do to a team, just look at Newcastle and Keegan.

  2. Bilbo 1979

    No need for a tizzy. The Arsenal plan is unfolding on track. I’d be hugely disappointed if we did panic buy now. The time for buying is over and I wouldn’t say we have done badly, Nasri looks great, Ramsey was a coup over ManUre and Wilshere has made a breakthrough. The only disappointment for me was losing the Flamster – but he knew where he wanted to play, so there’s no love lost there if his heart wasn’t at Arsenal. We’ll do well this year. Mark my words.

  3. Hey Bilbo, I’m not mad that we haven’t signed anyone, I just think that we do lack the depth in central midfield to push for trophies this season.
    Wenger knows this, but I think we need to learn the lessons from last year and bring in more adequate cover.

  4. Bilbo 1979

    Yeah, but if you look at Cesc’s role in the team all the attacking focus is through him. Take him out of the game and we don’t produce. Flamini protected Cesc last year and we came close to real successs. But its a gamble on one throw of the dice (injuries and fatigue in particular). Maybe the boss is looking to have more options so that the other team can’t just cut out the supply to Cesc and over a season so that Cesc doesn’t burn out.

  5. What do you mean exactly?
    That we need a replacement for FLamini?
    I’d agree with that, Cesc does need support in the centre of midfield. Without him we don’t shine, and I don’t think we currently possess anyone who can play the defensive role next to him for the long term.

  6. Bilbo 1979

    What i’m saying is the reverse. What we did last year with a DM protecting Cesc worked well – but we were predictable and ultimately we won nothing. If a team can stop the ball to Cesc or he doesn’t sparkle our game lacks teeth. So maybe Arsene is looking to partner Cesc with a more attacking midfielder this year. We had lots of possession last year – we just didn’t use it (thanks Hleb). So if we have the majority of the ball we don’t necessarily need a DM all the time to hassle and harry and win it back. Just keep the ball, use it well and score.

  7. You have a point there, but I disagree totally, look at how well we did last season with the excellent balanced partnership of Flamini and Cesc.

    We progressed miles from 2006-2007. Flamini won the ball and chased down the opposing midfielders, and Cesc provided the attacking spark.

    Wenger won’t look for a more attacking player, he has already said he is looking for a defensive minded player.

    Having a DM to win the ball in midfield is what helped us keep so much possession last season..

  8. Last season we suffered when injuries took away creative players such as Rosicky and RVP.

    We actually scored in nearly every game, I think.

    Our defence is what let us down – we conceded a lot.

  9. Bilbo 1979

    Well i’m no expert and i’m probably swimming against the tide of opinion. I think we both agree what a great contribution Flamini made last year. But Denilson and Diaby are both attack minded and if Arsene perceived such a whole in DM then he would have bought in. The player we were most linked to was Alonso and he’s not exactly a DM either. The boss only buys in players to improve the squad or replace. That Eboue and Denilson have played CM may show his intent is more attacking than holding.

  10. Good point, but I think that Denilson and Eboue playing in the centre were just stop-gap measures.

    Wenger has stated that he wants to bring a player in and seeing as we lost Flamini, Gilberto and Diarra last year, I think that a DM is the most likely and most needed target.

  11. Bilbo 1979

    David Dein was an asset to Arsenal for a long time but not by the time he left. He clearly was talented at helping the manager bring players good players in. Another such as he would be invaluable to the club. However we have one of the finest scouting networks around the world and when combined with the quality coming through the academy now I think we are aiming to be far less dependent in the seniors transfer market. Arsene seems to be developing a new blueprint for building a modern, successful and sustainable football club.

  12. Yeah, we are doing it our own way. With the sale of the flats in Highbury Place we should start balancing the books a bit.
    We just need the trophies to prove we’re up there with the rest.!!

  13. Bilbo 1979

    Theres money in the coffers. Being controversial, I think the board are saving up to buy Usmanov’s shares back.

  14. A club the size of Arsenal surely has all the math down on paper before going in a new season so I’m sure they are pleased with the current midfielders they have that’s why they didn’t buy anything else and not because of poor management.

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