Wenger speaks out against the football supermarket

There’s a lot in the news today about Wenger’s comments regarding big money club owners, such as those at Man City and Chelsea. He pointed out that football isn’t a supermarket, and that managers should have control of their teams.

Man City were bought out this summer by an Abu-Dhabi based group, who have now broken the British transfer record to sign Robinho and are looking to bring as many as 18 new players in in January, with Cristiano Ronaldo on their list.

Wenger told the Mail:

“You cannot come out ‘next week we pay £250,000-a-week to Ronaldo and £135m’, when the player has a six-year contract with Manchester United. It is not acceptable. Football is not a supermarket. The football bodies have to make sure that money is ruled properly and used well for the ethic of the game.”

“I am scared not that clubs are becoming more like those on the continent but even less. On the continent, at least you are informed on what players you buy. It looks like some are not even informed any more.

“It looks to be going a very worrying way. Managers face responsibilities and we stand up for it, but at least you want to feel you are responsible for the decisions you are judged on.”

“Clubs should live within their natural resources. If you push that too far, there are no rules any more and there is too much destabilisation.”

Wenger’s point is extremely valid in today’s climate. Football in the UK is turning into a plaything of the rich. Just look to last season when the owner of Man City sacked Sven Goran-Eriksson after Man City’s best season in years, or the instability surrounding Liverpool’s owners.

These ownerships are irresponsible and in the long term are not financially viable – the owner footing a large bill, while the club runs at a loss.

I agree with Wenger wholeheartedly, the way things are heading is bad, eventually the system will crash, if more regulation is not brought in.