Arsenal 1 – 1 Liverpool: Dealing with Long Balls

Arsenal 1 – 1 Liverpool: Robin Van Persie 24, Keane 42

I have to agree with Arsene Wenger. Had Adebayor not been given a second yellow in the 62nd minute Arsenal could have won today, however, the score ended 1 – 1.

Van Persie scored a lovely first half goal, after a long pass from Nasri put him into the box, and he slotted it past Reina. Liverpool responded just before half time. They were hoofing massive high balls down the pitch the whole game, and this time it fell to Keane, being chased by Djourou and Gallas, and he put it away, not much we could do.

Cesc got injured before half-time, and it seems that he has injured his knee ligaments which is grave news, meaning Diaby replaced him after half time, and went on the wing, with Denilson in the centre.

We didn’t have any of the ball early in the second half, which suprised me, as I thought that we would push for a goal. Just when we were getting a grip on the game Adebayor was sent off. A disgraceful decision, a second yellow. The first and second for nothing almost, neither were yellow cards, and this handicapped us.

After the incident the atmosphere intensified. It was like being in Turkey, Liverpool were booed and whistled whenever they were in possession, and we fought very hard.

I was proud of the way we played in the second half, and I totally agree with Wenger’s comments, that had Ade not been sent off we could have won. There was the feeling round the stadium that we were heading for a goal. The fact that Fabregas is injured, and Ade will be suspended makes me feel that we will be fighting for 4th place this season and nothing more.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal 1 – 1 Liverpool: Dealing with Long Balls

  1. I think Wenger’s comments regards winning if he’d kept 11 men on the pitch was down to a little bitterness. Arsenal did play well with 10 men, but Liverpool’s performance, inexplicably, went downhill, giving possession away on countless occasions. It’s odd how often that happens. Both teams had been passing the ball well till then.

    One thing Wenger mentioned that I do agree with, is that Liverpool seemed ‘afraid to win’. With a man advantage, they should have brought on Babel in place of a central midfielder to play up front with Keane in a 4-4-2. Instead, they made a like for like swap, Babel for Riera.

    The second yellow card for Adebayor wasn’t terribly harsh in my opinion though. He missed the ball, gave Arbeloa a full on body check, studs were showing and an elbow flashed across the face – I’ve seen yellow cards for less.

    I think Liverpool have come out best this weekend, given Chelsea’s draw at Everton, although they’ll be disappointed to have played a team with 10 men for half an hour and come away with only a point.

  2. Wenger was bitter, and I’m biased, but it is very frustrating when things go against you in games where you need points.

    It was true that Liverpool didn’t try to finish us off, which was odd, but Benitez works in strange ways.

    The yellows weren’t totally unjustified, but they were not definite yellows, and when a player is already on a yellow you warn him first before giving him a second, otherwise people would be getting sent off all the time.

    Also Adebayor was only shielding the ball, his arm was accidental – Arbeloa dived, and the ref sent him off for the leg, not the arm across the face..

    That’s why I think it was unjust.

    Everton should have won yesterday I feel, so it all stays the same, and Arsenal aren’t getting anywhere..

  3. By the way, much as I like Liverpool’s home and away kits, they really don’t mix. At all. That’s the nastiest combination I’ve seen in years….silver top, red shorts and socks. Vomit worthy!

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