Cesc out for 4 months. Is this a bad dream?

The latest news on Cesc is that his medial ligament damage is going to keep him out for up to four months.

This is just about the worst thing that could have happened at this stage of the season. We are already struggling, and losing our best player and captain till April is going to hurt us.

Our inexperienced midfield desparately needs strengthening in January, or 4th place could be very unlikely.

Diaby isn’t up to the task, and Song and Denilson is not a pairing with enough quality to compete at this level. We have so many injury troubles at the moment it is becoming extremely frustrating, Rosicky, Walcott, Fabregas, Eduardo, these are all first team players.

Bringing anyone with a little experience in January would be fantastic, we now need two midfielders in the next window. Wenger must be a little worried today.

“It is more likely but we also have internal solutions and we are not desperate,”

“The news is not good. It will take three to four months, we count four,”

“We will miss him, of course, but how much is difficult to say. We have to find a way and we want to find a way to compensate the fact that he is not on the pitch to give everyone a bit more.

“I’m sure we can deal with it.

“When he comes back he can help us get over the line in the final months. I believe we are able to do it.”

It looks like Wenger will be going into overdrive to sign a midfielder, but I don’t know if I can agree with his positivness.

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5 thoughts on “Cesc out for 4 months. Is this a bad dream?

  1. I’ve read the latest transfer rumour (for the little they’re worth) that you’re looking at Zenit’s Arshavin. Again. Would be a good buy I’m sure, but even before Fabregas’ injury I would have said midfield is where the Gunners are needy. I’m personally glad you didn’t get Alonso in the summer, but I don’t think he’s the midfielder you need. Barry, maybe. But I don’t think he’s going anywhere for now. There are limited options when it comes to getting a tough midfield general at the moment. I’m glad we have Mascherano, who does that job superbly.

  2. arshavin did well during the euro cup, but it was more of a team performance than individual performance. with rosicky and cesc out injured, there’s still nasri, wilshire and ramsey. great young players.

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