Diaby fights Ben Arfa: Video Post

In 2002 French director Bruno Sevaistre filmed “A la Clairefontaine”, a documentary series following France’s top young talents during their time at the highly acclaimed French national academy; Clairefontaine. The documentary caught this great moment between a very young Hatem Ben Arfa and Abou Diaby.

Very interesting stuff, I think this gives evidence as to why there are rumours of Diaby disliking Ben Arfa. It’s pretty funny, seeing them having to hold Diaby back from tiny Ben Arfa.

Read more about the documentary on the IMDB page.

View more videos in the Video Post Archive.

Thanks to Tim of Liverpool Talk for the link!

29 thoughts on “Diaby fights Ben Arfa: Video Post

    1. I just thought I’d provide something interesting. Not that much happens in football, do you really want me to add to the torrent of voices all saying the same thing?

  1. Conrad

    Wow, I never knew 45 year old women liked football. Obviously Sue is let out of her kitchen to “SHOUT AT A FOOTBALL BLOGGER!!!!!”

  2. Conrad

    James, that’s what I had to say. Oh and by the way, Ben Arfa has some attitude problems, big fucking attitude problems. Abu-Dhabi is a guy of my own heart.

  3. NYmarcus

    what a charming group of posters – the gillespie guy’s a real class act

    So Ben Arfa was a jerk even at that age. He gets along with no one, the entire Lyon team and staff stopped talking to him.

  4. Ralph

    ” jamesgillesp
    January 14, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    good point ralph, does anyone really have anything to say? Discuss.”

    er…one sec, I need the loo

  5. Sue

    Conrad I’ve forgotten more about football than you will ever know dipstick.
    Try acting your age and not your shoe size

  6. Conrad

    Lies Sue, the only thing you know about is balti pies. That’s it, my favourite is puff pastry? What is yours?

    How do you know my shoe size? What happens if I size my shoes in European sizes? That means I’m mature. Even if i was Size UK 5, I’d still be European 37 – by the way, I size my shoes European size.

  7. Donjohnni

    Sue is in my butt-butt. PS Nice vid man haven’t seen it b4. Wish Diaby would get that John Terry-bashing vibe back in his life on the damn pitch though.

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