What are Arsenal fans’ views on the future of Adebayor?

One of the main talking points as we reach the end of the 2008/2009 Premier League campaign is the future of Emmanuel Adebayor. There has been plenty of speculation about the Arsenal striker’s future with Inter Milan, AC Milan and Chelsea all reportedly tracking his progress.

Sections of the Arsenal crowd booed the Togo striker during the recent defeat to Chelsea and in doing so, made their feelings clear on where they hope Adebayor will be playing his football next season – away from the Emirates. Is this the case throughout Arsenal’s support though?

I am intrigued to find out exactly what Arsenal fans think. Is Adebayor a world-class striker that Arsene Wenger would be crazy to get rid of? Or is he a player that the club should cash in on as soon as possible?

During another season without a trophy for the Gunners, there is no doubt that Adebayor hasn’t hit the heights of the previous campaign. Compared to 30 goals last season, he has only managed to find the back of the net on 16 occasions. In fact, he has only scored in the Premier League three times since the turn of the year.

It hasn’t just been his lack of goals though. Many have criticised him for a lack of effort and commitment to the Arsenal cause. It has, perhaps, looked like he is happy with the fact that his time with the Gunners is coming to an end.

Nothing is certain as yet though and the forward’s future is very much up in the air. Arsenal lost key first team players in Mathieu Flamini and Gilberto Silva last summer, so they should be wary about breaking up a relatively settled side once more.

Surely Wenger should be adding to what he already has rather than selling one of his most talented players? Consistent selection often pays off in the end and if Adebayor was sold, he would more than likely be replaced by an unproven striker trying to make a name for himself in England.

On the other hand though, if Adebayor doesn’t want to be at the club anymore, why should Arsenal hold onto him? If he is kept involved against his wishes, it will surely have a negative effect on team morale next season.

What is your opinion though? A groin injury is likely to rule Adebayor out of Sunday’s game against Stoke City, so he could have played his last game in an Arsenal shirt. Would you be happy if this was the case?

By Thomas Rooney

19 thoughts on “What are Arsenal fans’ views on the future of Adebayor?

  1. Berg10

    His attitude is nowhere near good enough, neither for that matter are his skills, most attacking breakdowns occur when he has the ball.
    Get rid of him and splash out on defence, we have a formidable strikeforce when Eduardo is fully fit, Bendtner is starting to look decent, we have RVP who played a virtually injury free season by his standards, Arshavin, as well as Vela and JET emerging.

  2. topdown

    He is disruptive, egotistical and often lazy. He earns too much and appears to care too little. And he will miss much of the season at the African nations tournament.

  3. cescgal

    let ade go! coz he aint gud enough 4 arsenal.one gud season doesnt define a player.a player shld b ready to play n give 110% 4 his team.ade is lazy, he shld leave for a gud price tho!.so that we can get the fund 2 buy players better than him.

  4. bluffe

    he has to go. he is not here for the club but only the money. And hes is lazy and not commitet enough so hes is out and i will not miss him

  5. Sid

    Whilst he scores the ocassional wonder goal – Villareal this season, spuds last – he consistently requires 4 or 5 chances to convert one of them. It is clear from his body language that he is never at fault for an attack breaking down, or him not conveerting a chance. As his previous manager in France pointedly said at the time of his departure – he is trouble. How right he was. If the chavs want him, he is certainly arrogant enough to fit in there!

  6. gunmanjoe

    I can’t forget his statement earlier in the season ‘ I would like to thank Wenger and arsenal for making me one of the best strikers in the world’. That is far from the truth and he clearly thinks that he is better than he is! Him and his ego can take a walk if clubs are willing to pay his transfer (hopefully for 20mill +). How can anyone with a terrible attitude and even worse shots to goals scored ratio be so big headed and out of touch??? ADEBAYOR OUT!!!! IN WENGER WE TRUST!!!!

  7. Gilbert

    many are blaming Ade for being lazy but in my own opinion he has really worked hard.can you imagine coming back from injury and score crutial goals for the club and one of them is that against villareal in the first leg of the champions league of the quarter finals.then why say he is lazy….any way if he is not happy at the club then he should leave because happiness at a club is the most important thing in football but should leave at a good price

  8. brdgunner

    Since the admittance that he did flirt with Milan, (Arsene said it contributed to the shaky start) I have had enough. He is on to much money for far to little effort. If Bendtner think he is in with a shout of a start he works much harder.

    Cash in and replace him. I don’t know who? I like Kenwyne Jones. I think he can do what we need.


  9. wambam

    WORLDCLASS??????/HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! after one fluke season he thinks he’s HENRY. Henry KNEW he was worldclass but NEVER reminded people about it,he just made his performance speak for him.” worldclass my ****! Not a Bentner fan but his WORKRATE IS AWESOME and his desire to get into positions is commendable.

  10. zedgunner

    I am an african but a serious, infact, dangerous arsenal fan, supporter and follower. Can someone please eject, flush out, or even chase Adebayor from the club and replace him with someone more consistent. We need trophies!!!

  11. slugboy

    For a big fella he does not score enough with his head. He also gets caught offside far too often.

    Whilst i’d be glad to see him go, it would again bring Arsenal back to where they were when henry was last in the team – very one-dimensional. We need a big target man, but I’m not sure that he’ll ever be good enough for that role. Maybe its Bendtners time to step up?

    All of the erst of the strikers are far too small, which renders our set-pieces impotent.

    In summary, let him go, but get a big effective replacement, the other existing strikers will not be effective otherwise

  12. Browny

    I would like to look at what he offers us as a striker and ignore the attitude part or the fact he thought that he had replaced Henry so should be on his wage level, or be let go to Milan where his supposed standing as one of the worlds great strikers would be better appreciated. I think he is a good striker and awkward for defenders but not quick or mobile enough over short distances in the box and is not clinical enough with chances. Our strike force next year could read Eduardo, RVP, Arshavin, Walcott, Bendtner and Vela. If we sold him do we need another striker? I would actually consider owen on a free. You wouldn’t get a full season out of him but we don’t need that and he could be a useful back up addition to our strike force and a more natural box predator than some of our others. He has big game experience and would certainly score goals at Arsenal when fit and playing and I think would give us a balanced and prolific strike force with strength in depth to cope with injuries. This option would also allow any money raised from Adebayor to be spent elsewhere. Top central defenders don’t come cheap.

  13. Nate

    I think he’s a great player but if he isnt 100% in it for Arsenal then cash him in…

    we need some physicality in the front line as someone else said.. coming up against physical defence like that of Man U and Chelsea we cant break them down..

    I’d love to see Wenger sell off Adebayor and use the funds to buy Edin Dzeko from Wolfsburg. The guy is a beast, can score with his head and is skillful as well..

    In summary I want Dzeko up front, Blaise Matuidi brought in as a CDM and Hangeland as some tough tall timber in defence..

  14. The truth for all arsenal fans hurts- that Ade in 07-08 season was actually one of the best goal scoring season machines we have ever had. The problem with Ade is that he thinks he should be rated as a World great. That sickens me and most Arsenal fans. He wants to be treated like we treated Henry which can never happen. He is a hardworker when he wants be- but the real problem this year-he does not want to work that had. In fact all games he has played with the right attitude has seen him score or assist.

    Arsenal fans are just unforgiving-we want trophies NOW and anyone who doesnot show that desire but will talk to outsiders about what he wants and NOT what the team wants MUST GO.

    But lets not be quick about seeing his backside on Arsenal-His absence this season saw the team scoring 4 goals in 6 weeks with two games resulting in draw. If he goes-which he seems to want- Arsenal Board must get either Dzeko or Grafite from Wolfsburg for physical presence. If however Ade goes and the greedy board does NOT give Wenger the Money then we are into some more attacking dangers. Bendtner cannot replace Adebayor but can create the presence in the box -for how long definitely NOT a season.

    Ade may also miss the tricky part of the season when he goes for AFCAN so selling him now may NOT bring in as much cash as we might hope.

    Conclusion- Ade wants to go -Wenger knows it, the fans dont want him, the board might want the cash. But we need defenders-NOT Silvestre- NOT Djoru ,Song. We need a defender with a mean quality-Nate mentioned Hangeland- terrific idea but FULHAM has just gotten into Europa and may not SELL or Arsenal Borad may Not buy.

  15. Bergy is...

    Since the media is spreading that AW only has 13m pounds to spend this summer, I suppose that we have no choice but to sell Adebayor if we want to strengthen the squad at positions with more need for talent and experience, namely CB and CDM.

    Also, I think our strikers can hold the fort if Ade leaves, even if we lack in size up front (save for Bendtner). A striker crop of RVP, Walcott, Edu, Bendtner, Vela and Arshavin? is good enough for me, as long as the problems in the middle and the back of the park are solved.

  16. Adebayor scoring vital goals is not the same as Adebayor working hard for the team. if he wants to go then let him. cash in, replace him and solve the midfield & defensive problems we have. then we can challenge on all fronts. Until then we will always be scraping into the top 4 in competitions & coming 4th in the league. Our attacking quality is top notch but lacks physical presence (Bendtner should be bullying most defences but doesn’t have that cunning streak in him…yet?) so a replacement of that type would be essential if he leaves. Hangeland has more than proven himself in the premier league so that one is a no brainer. a tiger in midfield (palacios would have cost us 1 million!?!?!) is also a must. Also agood utility squad player with some good experience would be nice too. We shall see.

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