Arshavin boredom finally closed. We have a new number 23.

I’m sure many of you were following the transfer deadline day in a frenzy yesterday, as we all waited with baited breath to see whether Arshavin actually would sign for Arsenal.

It seems he has but even now on Tuesday we are waiting for official confirmation from Arsenal!

“Now I can say only one thing – that if I play for Arsenal, it will be at number 23.”

These rumours started in the summer, and resurfaced before the window opened. To be honest I just got bored with it, and I haven’t written much about potential transfers at all because it became so tedious.

What is more interesting is the fact that we now have a new player who can play across midfield and in the hole, and will add a whole new dimension to our game.

When the whole midfield is fit it is going to be very exciting, Rosicky, Fabregas, Arshavin, Nasri etc.. They are all creative players and Wenger will be spoilt for choice.

For now Arshavin can fill the creative hole left by Cesc’s injury, although he will need to build up fitness, as the Russian season finished in November.

He says he will probably wear the no.23 shirt and I think he might just be a breath of fresh air, coming at exactly the right time!

13 thoughts on “Arshavin boredom finally closed. We have a new number 23.

  1. jc

    the deal is currently 50/50 according to new reports. i thought this would end at 5pm yesterday but it seems like the fa would like usp to suffer more. it doesnt helf when it takes us a whole month to sign one player

  2. Rodzilla

    …think you should do a bit more research mate:

    “The FA’s Director of Communications, Adrian Bevington, has spoken to the Russian media about the Andrei Arshavin deal:

    “Yes, it’s true, the transfer is in doubt. There is a chance it will take us 2-3
    days. The odds are 50/50. If the transfer is declared invalid, Arshavin will be
    returned to Zenit. We can’t rule this out. I don’t think that would be a severe
    ruling: both clubs had a lot of time to complete it during the window.”

  3. Tariq

    According to SSN the deal will still go on,just that’s it’s over 40 pages that they need to look over and I heard rumours that it’s not the Arshavin deal…it’s another transfer that involves us is taking a while!

  4. Erichero

    Nothing like a bit of drama to spice up our season. It’s been a fairly dull few months with patchy results.

    There is truth in the fact that fans just want to see signings, regardless of whether they will improve the team or not.

  5. sagooner

    Rodzilla – 1) Why would Bevington talk to the Russian press ? 2) The Premier League have to process the transfer , not the FA. – total bollocks made up by a Russian rag.

  6. Gooner4life&beyond

    I was worried when I heard it, but I’m starting to think there might not be anything to it. The reason being that I find it very strange for the FA to comment on individual cases like this, the FA are actually very tight-lipped when it comes to club level procedures. I think the deal will go through just fine.

    I do think it’s a joke that it’s taken this long, he should have been with us already getting used to everyone and everything, and possibly helping us win one of the many games we drew recently. If we are not going after another target, why couldn’t they just cough up another £2m just to get it done and dusted? This is when we miss Dein badly.

  7. dmbaldwin

    It looks like the Gunners are doing much better than our Magpies! Newcastle go a couple of good players, maybe enough to keep them out of relegation.
    It’s been a long road for the Toon Army.

  8. robert

    What are the odds of Theo, Nasri, Rosicky, Van Persie being fit at the same time ??? Cesc is untutcheble (if fit)… Even if they all are fit, it is a long season and we will finaly be able to rotate without loosing points :D:D:D

  9. jamie

    does anyone think he looks like a fifteen year old?
    i think wenger thought hes signed another young prospect?
    arsenal 4 lyf!

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